Matchsticks Puzzle

“Life might be full of puzzles, challenges and problems. Just remember, there is a solution to all of them.”

It’s been a while since I posted; and yes, it is nice to be back on track. Now that I have some thoughts worth sharing, I don’t want to waste the chance of doing so. Good thing I have this blog waiting for me all this time.

I have attended the first day of our Curriculum Based Training Program with the course Office Management. (This is why I am writing this post, by the way.) There were some insights from our facilitator, Ms. Serely Alcaraz, that I really wanted to remember, and I guess this blog will not only store the ideas but also share it to those who needed it the most.

We had this activity named “matchsticks puzzle”. At first, it was a really irritating game. She was telling to be creative and think outside the box, but my sleepy head can’t think on what to do next. (Yes, I needed my cup of Joe to wake up my mind. LOL!)

Well, even if I was not able to solve the puzzle on my own, I’ve had few insights to remember. I believe these are the best life lessons I can generate from that activity.

First, our lives are full of problems, challenges, puzzles – oh whatever you wanted to call those – and they also have corresponding solutions. No matter how mind-boggling, stressing, and wrecking those matchticks puzzles are, there are solutions to their given problems.

Just the same with our daily lives. We might be working on routinary basis, but there are obstacles that will still need our solutions. Rush paperworks. Lack of manpower. Lack of budget for projects. Oh, those are actually stressing, right? But yes, there are solutions to them. You just need to look at that perspective and you’ll be optimistic enough to find ways to solve the problems.

That leads me to my second point tonight. Solutions could be found everywhere, by any good means. If tasks are hard and you think you can’t joggle on multi tasks, you can ask for help. You can seek the help of experts, those who knew the process all along, those who knew what to do exactly. But hey, don’t just pass the job and be ungrateful, folks! You can also pass the job and learn how they do it, so you’ll be able to accomplish it next time. Also, if they have finished the job without any of your help, they will love to hear a simple thank you. If you have extra budget and if you are generous enough, a simple token, like a cup of Iced Mocha, will be highly appreciated.

I also wanted to discuss 5S, but I am honestly sleepy now. I still have to prepare myself for the day 2 of our training tomorrow.

So yeah.. until next time.

Hopefully soon…
<3 Huntress



How will I start this?

I think my thoughts are floating, and I can’t figure what I would write.

Thoughts of my long-awaited follow up checkup, thoughts of work, thoughts of life.. it’s all floating in my mind.


Just lemme write. Haha!


Let these thoughts just float in the air;

Let the air bring ny thoughts to you..

So you should know how much i care for you.

So you should know how much I love you.

Gotta go! :)
<3 Huntress

The Daily Post – Renewal


Now that 2016 is about to end, there were lots of things we can relate to the word renewal. New year? New life? New job? New friends? And the list goes on.

I’ve had lots of stuff to share, but my commitment to this blog was not prioritized. So hopefully, when 2017 came, I’ll be able to renew my passion in blogging and writing. Also, I hope I’ll be able to consistently finish all my pending tasks and novels on hand.


So help me God.

To The Girl Who Claimed That I Broke Her Heart

Girl? Yes. You should grow up!

I guess we both know I should be sorry. But honestly, I can’t be sorry for doing whatever I have done. I can’t forget the fact that you were the first to crush my heart to pieces some eight years ago.

You knew how much I love him. You knew how much I care for him. You knew that we will always be special to each other amidst the walls being built by our families. You witnessed how we try to climb those restrictions just to be together. You were even considered as our friend, might as well be an immediatw family ’cause you were in a relationship with my cousin back then.

You saw what happened when we broke up, when I was a coward and cannot stand against my parents. That was what I have to do, as I was young and dependent on them. We were both studying that time. You were there when he left, went to a far place to work. When he came back, you did everything to get his attention. You did things you knew I can’t do for him. In a way I should be thankful, yes? You were there for him when he needed me the most.

Then the news about you two spread like fire that burnt my soul. You never saw me cry. You never heard anything from me. You never felt how painful it is to think that he will spend the rest of his days with you and not with me. You never knew the feeling of being stared at, with those full of awe and hypocrisy. You never knew how much I bleed each day, wishing that I will be in your position. Silently I hoped that you will make him happy, that you’ll take good care of him, and that you’ll never fail to make his day special.

I decided to leave our hometown after I graduated college, with high hopes that I will be able to move on. But damn the existence of common friends! I was able to see your social media accounts, even see you both when I take my vacations.

For seven years I ran away from you. I ran away from seeing you. But there were unlucky times that I could see him alone, walking past our house, smiling at me. He doesn’t look good. He look so wasted. You should know that I started hating you for all those bad things you did to him. I already knew that he does not deserve someone like you, no matter what your situation is.

I was firm on my decision to let him go, not until last Valentine’s Day. He came to our place to meet my cousin, but we talked a lot more than they did.

He told me all the miserable stuff he suffered because of you. His expressions showed me all the pain he felt and he endured just for the sake of your so-called family. He never abandoned you, no matter how hard his life is, because that’s the way it has to be. I can say that he loved you that much to keep you, but I can see that the love has faded due to the never ending pain you make him feel.

All these made me angry. He does not deserve all this. We could have a happier life if you didn’t intervene eight years ago.

We both suffered for all those years, you see. It is time to stop all the pain now. I may still be a coward to ran away, but I can’t imagine him back to your house to feel more difficulties. I will care for him in ways that you have not done. I will let him feel the love I’ve been keeping for the last seven years. And no matter how difficult the path is, I will never blame him. I will never say bad words to him. I will never hurt him. I will never be someone as harsh as you.

I still wish you’ll have a better life in the future. You are young. You can improve yourself, if you wish to. Stop babling bad things about me since people already knew who’s the evil side.

May you live a peaceful life, little girl. Grow up real soon.
From the woman you called mistress, but now the fiance of your ex-live-in partner.. 

To that Self-Proclaimed Independent Woman…

…who does not know if she’s strong enough to be independent anymore;

This, too, shall pass.

You started this journey with a mind full of questions and a heart full of doubts. You walked on the city streets without any hesitations, then eventually found yourself fitting in their puzzle. You started to walk on your own no matter how bright the sun shines or whenever the moon guides your path.

You worked and slept daily, and that routine was the one that kept you going. You’ve been the most boring lady in the universe but you don’t fucking care ’cause sleep and your income makes you extra ordinarily happy.

You used to have friends, but then your schedules and your relationships tore you apart. Well, you never felt bad about about being all alone. It is your piece of heaven. You never cared about being all by yourself.

You usually talk with your family whenever you got a chance. You can give them a portion of your income whenever you have some extra savings or whenever you are not in the mood to stay drunk.

And then you fell in love.

You were so into that man and you devoted all your life to serving him like the best housewife. You stayed with him, washed his clothes, cooked his meals, and made him happy.

But then he broke your heart.

And you were dragged back to square one.

You started your journey again without someone to look out to, without any emotions. You were aching but you still have to move out of the house and work for the day. You show your smile to everyone while no one knows how you’re breaking inside. You started to admire people even if you’re not actually sure what you liked about them.

You filled your rest days with a lot of ice creams, pizzas, pastas, books, movies and even Korean novelas. You declined any invitations to go out from your friends and you decided to stay at home and drunk yourself to sleep.

Until you moved on. You decided that you have to move on.

So you switch passion from eating to reading, and you did a lot of dancing (instead of sleeping) while your windows were tightly closed.

You decided to call your former classmates and check out their lives, thinking you can find any ways to be happy again.

You decided to share your blessings and inspire others through blogs and stories.

You were most productive during those hard times, and people see you smiled a lot.

You were still crying yourself to sleep, but you’ve had more reasons to stay awake at daylight.

You fell in love again and you felt like this is the beginning of your happily ever after. You found someone who supports you in your passion for books, the one who willingly walks the aisles of the wedding expo with you, and the one who plans your future with a family and with cute kids.

You thought you were already back to your old happy self.

But then you knew what he wanted to do with his life. You realized that you were not up for long distant relationships and you were not up for another set of days being all alone in the house. He was still beside you but you started building walls between you and protected yourself. You know you loved him, but then there were things that you could never understand.

But you, for the sake of love, supported him. You helped him in pass all the hardships in his applications and you encouraged him to push through and achieve his dreams.

And he did. He succeeded.

Now that he’s doing what he wanted to do, you were left with more questions left unanswered and emotions that make you feel insane.

You were wondering what could have happened if you gave up on him before everything even started, and before he proposed the happily ever after that you’ve been dreaming of.

Now, you were all alone during the cold night, just waiting for a call to complete your day. While you’re talking, you realized that you long for the tight hugs, the warm smiles, and the sweet kisses. You wanted someone to hold your hand before you sleep and the one who’d kiss your forehead when you wake up.

You absolutely value the physical intimacy between you and your partner.

And now, here you are, trying to pretend that you were okay when in fact you don’t know what to do. You simply wanted to let go and move on. You simply wanted to start a new but you don’t know where to start again. You were shattered into pieces and you couldn’t find the piece to overcome the pain you’ve been enduring.

You wake up in the morning without feeling anything. You end the day like a robot being programmed to do things.

And I should remind you, this shall pass.

It is the right decisions that usually break our hearts, but they were those who will make you feel peaceful.

It is painful and you might be okay for sometime, but you will get rid of those nightmares and fears of being killed by an anonymous person.

It is depressing at first, but you will eventually learn to deal with loneliness and you’ll know how to overcome the guilt.

You’ve been through a lot, strong woman. Never loose hope on this situation. Don’t give up.

You might have a tough day today.

I am sure you’ll have the happiest day soon.

Someday. Somewhere…



Love, Just Love

Hey, I am in love. So deeply in love.
But why on earth things became so hard?
This love I have, hope that would be enough.
To pass the hard times plotted on our path.

I am in love, so deeply attached.
Attached to your memories full of laugh.
Attached to your passion and your care.
Attached to your world you never failed to share.

Things might be hard, and I don’t fucking care,
As long as I can hold your hand in times I wanna dare.
Just our love might not be enough to survive our days,
But that woul motivate us everytime we work or play.

I love you, and that woul never change
Even if my parents would chase you away.
I love you, I love you so much.
I will love you from this day forward.

<3 Huntress


With only six days remaining in the love month, I have thought of what just happened in the past days. I can still remember myself being a bit bitter as Valentine’s Day will come without my boyfie near me.

So yeah. Love month is still loveable after all. I just had to diver my thoughts and look at the good things that come into my life.

An old friend visited my cousin last Valentine’s Day, and he also dropped by my place. We decided to go to Starbucks for a drink, then he did something really crazy. He just gave me a Valentine’s gift. Kinda sweet.

Simple gift, but really thoughtful

Three days after Heart’s Day, I attended a Supervisory Development Program. I have learned a lot from the two-day training, plus the new people I have met. I am so lookin forward for next year’s training. Maybe I got to see those wonderful batch again.


Just this Sunday, I attended the Happy Walk at SMX Convention Center. It was really a great experience, plus a very emotional one. It’s nice to see everyone uniting for those with disabilities and for those with Down Syndrome. I feel blessed to see the happy smiles of the kids when we play with them.

The MAAX Bellas ❤
Mr. Pure Energy, Gary V!

Looks like 2016 will be giving me awesome memories. Will be hoping to post them from time to time.