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18 (Real) Rules For Living

There are times that you don’t have rules for living, but you have to take this tips to have a guide in life. You may not take them seriously. At least learn from them.

— LonelyHuntress

Thought Catalog

1. Greatness only comes from great risks or great work.

Failing after taking a risk is nothing to regret doing. You should have pride in the fact that you were strong enough and believed in something enough to risk so much. It not working out is seldom more than just the reality of what is best for you in the long run. Likewise, hardly anything great will just fall into your lap. Waiting for an opportunity will most likely not yield for you many of them. You must seek.

2. All living things and beings deserve love, respect and reverence, even when you feel compelled to withhold it.

I mean all living things– animals, the earth, your enemies. Just as you are worthy, as are they. It can sometimes be tricky to not value ourselves as greater than another and then subsequently act on that, but it’s nothing that some…

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Food Trip: Pizza Hut @ SM Megamall

It’s been a while and I’ve been a little busy so I haven’t updated my posts. I have so many things to share and I am expecting to see three consecutive posts. Hehe! (If only I can really finish those three posts. Good luck to me. LOL!)


Last June 16, I went to SM Megamall to see my dearest bestfriend, Yana. She was with her friend, named Leo (Correct me if I am wrong. I have this amnesia for the past few days. LOL!) and I was with my husband. Hehe! It seems like a double date, but then, I don’t consider that in that way. :P


It can’t be. Hehe!


Anyway, we ate out lunch at Pizza Hut. Our first choice was Papa John’s Pizza, but my hubby changed his mind. (He’s KJ, actuallly. I already miss PJ’s carbonara! Haha! Anyone there who can give me some carbonara from PJ?)




Pizza Hut is known for their pizza and pasta dishes. Recently, they’re promoting their chicken wings and cheese burger pizza. In the Philippines, it’s endorsed by a very famous beauty queen, Shamcey Supsup.


I can say that their  branch in Megamall has a very cute design but unfortunately, I have a handful of negative comments about them. Before I start, I already wanted to say sorry to all Pizza Hut fans there. This is just my PERSONAL observation about their overall service. Honestly, I don’t know if other branches have the same service. :)


First thing: I can hear lots of breaking glasses and falling utensils. I understand that they want to prepare the tables in a shorter period, but then they don’t have to force themselves in making it very, very fast if it’ll end up breaking their things. I think their avid customers can wait for their table to be arranged properly, than to see broken glasses near their feet while eating.


Second: The crews are not attentive to customers. Most of them are staying near their cashier. They have to glance at their customers once in a while ’cause they have to look for those who’ll place their orders, or those who have urgent needs. I don’t think so of they’re just chatting there or just resting. :)


Third: Some of their plates and glasses have broken sides. Is it right to serve their sumptuous foods using the damaged plates? Naah! Big turn off to first time visitors. :)


Fourth: They have small tables. Hehe! Well, we never expected that we’ll order that much, but it made the tables very small and crowded. If only I could request for another table. Unfortunately, no more space available for an additional table. Geez!


Fifth: The Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs was very salty. >.<


Sixth: I can’t taste the cheese nor the garlic in their Cheesy Garlic Bread. :( Frustrating. Really frustrating.


Oh well. I still enjoyed my lunch at their place. Though they disappointed me at six things, I have reasons to appreciate them also. :)


First: The crew who welcomed us was a very pretty and nice lady. Thumbs up for that. She made sure that we’ll have a table set asap. :)


Second: I love their plating! You can see it on the photos below and I know you’ll agree with me. :D


My BF and Me in front of many FOODS. XD
Cheesy Garlic Bread and American Fries, with the New Texas Bake
New Texas Bake
Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs
Lots of foods. Yummy!
That girl is Yana, my Bestfriend. Taking a pic of the pizza. LOL!


Third: I am so refreshed with their Mocha Iced Coffee! If I’ll go to Pizza Hut again, I will have two glasses of that beverage. Seriously! Haha! :)


Fourth: I love the New Texas Bake! Good that my BF ordered this one, since it balanced the salty taste of the spaghetti. :D


Fifth: Their American fries! :D


Sixth: The pizza! Supreme-ly delicious. LOL!




I know that was a lot of food and I bet you wonder if we ate all of them. Well, we never wanted to waste any food, so we really finished all of them. Haha! It took us around an hour to finish eating and chatting. LOL!



I will come back to Pizza Hut for more – more of their ICED COFFEE! <3



Disclaimer: I am not paid by anyone for this post. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the place and the resto. I am not allied to any other pizzeria that competes with Pizza Hut and I’m not inclined to Pizza Hut too. If the members of the crew and management of Pizza Hut can read this post, I hope they can do something about the negative comments that I have here. And I hope they can maintain the good points that they already have! 




What’s your Pizza Hut experience?



Gonna go for now.




Lonely Huntress


Honestly, I don’t know how to start this crap. I know I’ve been insensitive for some moments of my life and I know there are times that I have to control my malicious thinking. My recent encounter with somebody just made me realize that I have to control my thoughts and better left some words unspoken.

Things are getting complicated, that’s what I thought. The emotions are getting deeper, I guess. Or I think I was just giving a chance to believe that there’s something going on. I have to stop this crazy admiration, I just can’t fight noticing his every move. My eyes just enjoy looking into his face while he’s sleeping and my ears just admire the sound of his voice.

I never expected that this will turn out this way. I was happy to be so away from him before. I was happy that I am a few stations away from him. But now, things changed. It seems like as he became nearer and nearer, there’s this spark that I never wanted to end. I wanted to stay beside him. I want to stop working and just stare at his face. I just want to, but I am not allowed to.

I have to go back to my senses. I’ve been dreaming all this days that this man can come to me and change my plans. I have to be sensitive again. I have to be reminded that I am already committed and I don’t want to break another heart due to my impulsive decisions and sudden appreciations. Well, I have to go back to my reality.

By this time, I am asking myself, “Why do you have to met somebody that will change your mind after you’ve decided to settle down?” Hard question, right? There are times that you can be bothered, and think that you don’t have to stop the feelings. I say, it’s your choice.

First thing is, you’ll never give your full attention to other gorgeous man if you’re already engaged to someone. Unfortunately, he’s really that captivating that you can’t stop seeking his presence in your busy day. It seems like you can’t work properly if he’s not around. Or it’s like you can’t concentrate and be productive without his good comments. I tell you, that’s really terrible and you immediately have to stop that line of thinking. It’s the right chance to stop that shitty imagination and start focusing on what you really have to do.

Second, you have to tell yourself that you are not available anymore. There might be cases that other won’t care about this, but I believe this is important. You have to accept the fact that you’re supposed to be a loyal partner and you’ll stop flirting and seducing somebody else. I know I am thinking this all the time (and had so many sticky notes that reminds me of this) but I am really frustrated since I sometimes forget it. I’m too bad, I know. But I think my funny obsession with this guy isn’t as worse as sleeping with somebody else’s boyfriend.

I guess my eyes should be amputated and be thrown in fire since I really can’t help but stare at him. Well, to stop this non-sense staring, I am thinking that my boyfriend is a lot more handsome than him. My boyfriend is a lot more masculine than him. And that my boyfriend loves me more than he can love me. (I know, the last four words in the previous sentence was totally b*llsh*t, but let it be. Haha!)

After reading this post, you might say I am such a nuisance. I am annoying. But this is a testimony that there are unexpected things to happen in your life. They just come in the most unexpected moment and can give you lots of confusion if you allow them to linger in your mind. I know this is kinda confusing and I might be sued after this post, but I know that I am still the same me devoted to my fiance. Maybe, I’m just enjoying the thought of being a teen again and making fun out of the term “Office husband”. :D

Anyway, thoughts are already jam-packed in my head and I don’t  know what to do. I guess, I just have to remember that at this kind of situation, ASSUMING ANYTHING will make the situation worse.

Lonely Huntress and the Office Husband

The 6 Worst Things About Being In Love


I really felt guilty on some of this pointers.


Thought Catalog

1. Your decision-making is impaired.

When you are in love, especially in those first heady stages, just about everything seems like a good idea. Let’s just quit work, and spend the rest of our days lying naked in bed watching it rain, punctuated by photogenic trips to the French Riviera! We’ll fund this… with money! That we’ll earn… somehow!

It’s awful, but if you are really feeling those precious hits of love hormones, there is simply nothing that you are going to say no to. I’ve seen people do ridiculous things — spend their whole checking account, change their entire persona, move to Kansas* — all in the name of some good dick. A tragedy, to be sure, but it just hurts too good to quit.

2. You know you’re being an asshole, you just can’t help it.

You’re going to become that person who promises to go out…

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Must Do | 22 Things You Need To Do While You Have The Chance

Start doing something that can give you an exhaust to things that are stressing you. This 22 things can help a lot! Oh well, i am going to do random of this in time.

Wanna join me?

– Lonely Huntress

Thought Catalog

1. Go to a country whose language you do not speak, and where English is rarely spoken. Learn what it means to have to find out everything by yourself, and to live glued to your translating dictionary.

2. Sleep with your whole body stretched across the bed in your very own apartment, where no one can tell you what to do or make you be quiet so that they can sleep.

3. Take a road trip simply for the joy of being on the road and not having anywhere in particular to end up. Stop in restaurants and shops along the way that look like they belong in a Norman Rockwell painting, and eat candy that your grandparents used to love.

4. Dance with a stranger in the bar for three whole songs and then go home by yourself, without feeling like you owed them anything.

5. Read a religious…

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What if there’s an instant “change of plans”?

Will you let him do what he wants to do and just try to be happy for him?
Will you still fight for what he promised before?

Will you let him go for him to reach his dreams
Will you attach him to what you’ve planned few months ago?

There are times that you have to be like the mother bird.

You can grow your child and just feed them and never let them fly.

You can never give them the freedom if you don’t teach them how to fly.

But since you love them,
You have to let them go.

You have to let them fly.

You have to be happy to every achievement that they’ll acquire.

It may hurt you ‘coz they’ll be far away.

But it will bring you joy if you let them be happy on their choice of life.

Yes, you might be afraid to loose them ’cause they might forget to come back.

But at least you know that you deserve somebody else that can make you as happy as they are.

or at least, one of you will be happy..

after all..




A/N: I know this is a very lonely post. If ever somebody here can advise and answer the questions I’ve stated, PLEASE post your comments. :) Thanks!

— LonelyHuntress