Food Trip: Congo Grille @ SM Mall of Asia

Hi Folks!

This is a (very) late post again but I guess this topic will be loved by those people like me who love to try different restaurants in the vicinity. Sorry for few pics about this resto since I haven’t copied the pics from my BF’s phone.. I’ll just post the pics on my FB account. :)


logo congo



Congo Grille is one of the food chains introduced to me by SmartConcept Inc. They were promoting the restaurant that time, but I haven’t got the chance to sell the cards for CG. Hehe! I hope I had the chance to be a card holder of SmartConcept for Congo Grille! (BTW, I just had their coupon card for Papa John’s Pizza).. :D

Out of  my curiosity, I celebrated my birthday at Congo Grille located at SM Mall of Asia. Since MOA is a wide place, we really have a hard time in looking for the restaurant. (Seriously!) After almost an hour of search, we already found the place that we’ll dine! Yehey! (I am so hungry after that long search. Imagine an hour of looking for it?)

The menu if filled with Filipino cuisines. I can remember my mom and how tasty she cooks our food after seeing the menu. I love to it lots of foods from the menu, but since I have limited budget, I have to select the dish that can satisfy me for that night. And the winning dish is…. Chicken Honey BBQ! :D

So here’s what we’ve ordered:


– Honey Chicken BBQ

– Garlic Rice

– Banana Choco Shake

My BF:

– Beef Kare-kare (His Favorite Dish)

– Four Seasons

– Plain Rice

I never expected it, but the dish is actually good for three persons! I wonder what the service crew thought about us. We have lots of foods on the table but only two persons are sitting in front of them to eat. Hmm.. Are we heavy eaters? Haha! LOL!

The food was great! The meat was really tenderized well and you won’t have any problem in chewing it. Well, I only got one problem with the slice of BBQ that I ate since it was kinda over roasted. That’s kinda frustrating, you know. I hope they won’t serve any burned chicken in my next orders. :)

Over all, the Congo Grille experience is a great one and I am pretty sure that I’ll visit that food chain again. But this time, I will try some other branch and see how the setup in their vicinity varies from the setup in MOA!





PS: I kept two pieces of tissue with this print. I attached one on my diary and just kept the other one. Just a souvenir! <3

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