To My Beloved..

I know you’re not expecting this post,

Like the essays that you’ve read at most..

Still I have the urge to share a craft for you,

For I know how please you are to read my work..

The first time I saw you, I can still remember,

You’re someone I can’t imagine to be mine..

I haven’t seen you and after a year,

Your presence has been what I am longing..

Never expected that you’ll come and fetch me at school,

I was thinking that you’re making me like a fool..

Never thought that I can fall for someone like you,

Since my latter has broke my heart into two..

You’ve proven that love still exist after misery,

You showed me the chance of being happy..

You were there when I’m scared and when I fail,

You held my hand to make my day..

To my beloved, as we start a new beginning,

Let this art be a sign of what to happen.

I will the best partner that you can never imagine,

And be the perfect lady ever living..

I know I can never be like your mom,

I can’t cook good meals like her..

Just let me be your wife,

That will serve good food to your heart..

I can never be your college friends,

That allows you get drunk and spill out..

But I can be your loving best friend,

That can drink with you until it is time to sleep..

I can’t be your past lovers,

That can give you all that cuddles..

Just let me be a woman that can entice you,

The one you can share much pleasure..

It has been two years and ten months,

And I know we’re still counting..

There’ll be more years to pass,

And in there we’ll be hanging..

To my beloved, to my hero,

To my special someone, you who serves as an inspiration..

I am for you my dear and to you alone,

Even there are many obstacles that can prove me wrong..

To my beloved,

let me be your lover forever..

Let me be your partner for all time..

And let me be your lady until my last breath.

To my beloved…..


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