What if there’s an instant “change of plans”?

Will you let him do what he wants to do and just try to be happy for him?
Will you still fight for what he promised before?

Will you let him go for him to reach his dreams
Will you attach him to what you’ve planned few months ago?

There are times that you have to be like the mother bird.

You can grow your child and just feed them and never let them fly.

You can never give them the freedom if you don’t teach them how to fly.

But since you love them,
You have to let them go.

You have to let them fly.

You have to be happy to every achievement that they’ll acquire.

It may hurt you ‘coz they’ll be far away.

But it will bring you joy if you let them be happy on their choice of life.

Yes, you might be afraid to loose them ’cause they might forget to come back.

But at least you know that you deserve somebody else that can make you as happy as they are.

or at least, one of you will be happy..

after all..




A/N: I know this is a very lonely post. If ever somebody here can advise and answer the questions I’ve stated, PLEASE post your comments. :) Thanks!

— LonelyHuntress


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