The 6 Worst Things About Being In Love


I really felt guilty on some of this pointers.


Thought Catalog

1. Your decision-making is impaired.

When you are in love, especially in those first heady stages, just about everything seems like a good idea. Let’s just quit work, and spend the rest of our days lying naked in bed watching it rain, punctuated by photogenic trips to the French Riviera! We’ll fund this… with money! That we’ll earn… somehow!

It’s awful, but if you are really feeling those precious hits of love hormones, there is simply nothing that you are going to say no to. I’ve seen people do ridiculous things — spend their whole checking account, change their entire persona, move to Kansas* — all in the name of some good dick. A tragedy, to be sure, but it just hurts too good to quit.

2. You know you’re being an asshole, you just can’t help it.

You’re going to become that person who promises to go out…

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