Food Trip: Pizza Hut @ SM Megamall

It’s been a while and I’ve been a little busy so I haven’t updated my posts. I have so many things to share and I am expecting to see three consecutive posts. Hehe! (If only I can really finish those three posts. Good luck to me. LOL!)


Last June 16, I went to SM Megamall to see my dearest bestfriend, Yana. She was with her friend, named Leo (Correct me if I am wrong. I have this amnesia for the past few days. LOL!) and I was with my husband. Hehe! It seems like a double date, but then, I don’t consider that in that way. :P


It can’t be. Hehe!


Anyway, we ate out lunch at Pizza Hut. Our first choice was Papa John’s Pizza, but my hubby changed his mind. (He’s KJ, actuallly. I already miss PJ’s carbonara! Haha! Anyone there who can give me some carbonara from PJ?)




Pizza Hut is known for their pizza and pasta dishes. Recently, they’re promoting their chicken wings and cheese burger pizza. In the Philippines, it’s endorsed by a very famous beauty queen, Shamcey Supsup.


I can say that their  branch in Megamall has a very cute design but unfortunately, I have a handful of negative comments about them. Before I start, I already wanted to say sorry to all Pizza Hut fans there. This is just my PERSONAL observation about their overall service. Honestly, I don’t know if other branches have the same service. :)


First thing: I can hear lots of breaking glasses and falling utensils. I understand that they want to prepare the tables in a shorter period, but then they don’t have to force themselves in making it very, very fast if it’ll end up breaking their things. I think their avid customers can wait for their table to be arranged properly, than to see broken glasses near their feet while eating.


Second: The crews are not attentive to customers. Most of them are staying near their cashier. They have to glance at their customers once in a while ’cause they have to look for those who’ll place their orders, or those who have urgent needs. I don’t think so of they’re just chatting there or just resting. :)


Third: Some of their plates and glasses have broken sides. Is it right to serve their sumptuous foods using the damaged plates? Naah! Big turn off to first time visitors. :)


Fourth: They have small tables. Hehe! Well, we never expected that we’ll order that much, but it made the tables very small and crowded. If only I could request for another table. Unfortunately, no more space available for an additional table. Geez!


Fifth: The Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs was very salty. >.<


Sixth: I can’t taste the cheese nor the garlic in their Cheesy Garlic Bread. :( Frustrating. Really frustrating.


Oh well. I still enjoyed my lunch at their place. Though they disappointed me at six things, I have reasons to appreciate them also. :)


First: The crew who welcomed us was a very pretty and nice lady. Thumbs up for that. She made sure that we’ll have a table set asap. :)


Second: I love their plating! You can see it on the photos below and I know you’ll agree with me. :D


My BF and Me in front of many FOODS. XD
Cheesy Garlic Bread and American Fries, with the New Texas Bake
New Texas Bake
Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs
Lots of foods. Yummy!
That girl is Yana, my Bestfriend. Taking a pic of the pizza. LOL!


Third: I am so refreshed with their Mocha Iced Coffee! If I’ll go to Pizza Hut again, I will have two glasses of that beverage. Seriously! Haha! :)


Fourth: I love the New Texas Bake! Good that my BF ordered this one, since it balanced the salty taste of the spaghetti. :D


Fifth: Their American fries! :D


Sixth: The pizza! Supreme-ly delicious. LOL!




I know that was a lot of food and I bet you wonder if we ate all of them. Well, we never wanted to waste any food, so we really finished all of them. Haha! It took us around an hour to finish eating and chatting. LOL!



I will come back to Pizza Hut for more – more of their ICED COFFEE! <3



Disclaimer: I am not paid by anyone for this post. I just wanted to share my thoughts about the place and the resto. I am not allied to any other pizzeria that competes with Pizza Hut and I’m not inclined to Pizza Hut too. If the members of the crew and management of Pizza Hut can read this post, I hope they can do something about the negative comments that I have here. And I hope they can maintain the good points that they already have! 




What’s your Pizza Hut experience?



Gonna go for now.




Lonely Huntress


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