Month: July 2013

Reach for you Military Dream | Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

I’ve seen all your suffering and your pain. I heard all your weeping and all your cries. Now, you’re almost there – reaching for your dreams. As your dear friend, I am so proud of you. ^_^




Remember four years ago? When you’re still a second year student.. That’s the first time that I met you. Via YM. You’re still having fun and enjoying your teen life, but you’re too determined to reach for your dream. Now, it’s just one step away.




I remember how joyful you are on your graduation day. All those pics can tell me how proud you are that you’ve passed your hard college days. I can see that your family is very proud of you. While you can’t see me and while I am so far away, I am also so proud of you.




If only you could see how teary I am when I knew you passed the board exam. I’m so happy. I’m so proud of you. All those hard times are worth it. Those sleepless nights are all worth it. And all those sufferings are worth it. You made it!




If only I can be with you when you received your certificate, or license, at Mall of Asia. I’ll be one of the happiest girl in the world. But then again, even when I am far away, I am still so proud of you.




Now that you experienced field work, I know that you’re confident enough to continue your battle. You experienced night shift duties and passed it also. I’m not beside you all these time, but in my heart I can say that I am so proud of you.




You’re on your last training to be part of the Philippine Army. You’re almost there. I know you can make it. I know you’re truly determined to reach for your dreams.




You said before that I was inspiring you to move forward. Thank you for that. I guess it’s time for you to work for your own sake. From a distance, I am willing to be your friend to support you in all your struggles. I’ll still push you to your limits and dare you to come out of your shell. It’s been a long way. I know you’re too young and you can still reach for more.




Mr. Army,

From a distance, you have to remember.. I am happy to be your friend and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!





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♥ Ayin ♥


Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

What would you feel if you saved the world from a nuclear explosion? Or just saved the President in a dangerous situation? Me? I’ll love my self so much. With or without public distinction, I’ll die with pride and loyalty to my nation.




Last Sunday, I watched Olympus Has Fallen staring Gerard Butler (Mike Banning), Aaron Eckhart (President Benjamin Asher) and Morgan Freeman (Speaker Allan Trumbull). It was a story on how a Service Agent saved the life of the President against terrorist and how he stopped the attempt of making nuclear bombs explode. You can read the plot here. :)


Banning and President Asher, when they went out of the White House


For those who saw the movie, I’m sure they loved the theme. At first, you might think that Mike did that just to gain back his reputation and position. But come to think of it, if he died in the battle, can he enjoy being a head agent again? He can’t! So, he saved USA because he pleaded to the flag and to his country. Plus, he knew he could benefit more people in his heroic act.


Connor, the President’s Kid, was saved by Mike. This is the time when he was convincing Connor to climb the chimney to escape.


I wonder if these can have a remake in the Philippines. I’ll save P-Noy in Malacañang and I’ll stop a major bombing. Haha! I’m not an action star, but I guess I’ll give that movie a try. ^.^





In real life, we have too many unsung heroes. They’re those who saves us from many inconvenience in life. I guess their stories should be the theme of movies and not just romantic and erotic ones. The future generation will have great references of the heroes when we document their lives as early as today. OFW’s. Teachers. Traffic enforcers. Security Guards. Street sweepers. They’re just out there. waiting to be noticed.


Well, I guess I have to look for a new movie to review. Haha! Well, EVIL DEAD is next! ^_^




♥ Ayin ♥

Just a Dish! | Daily Prompt: Drawing a Blank

That night was one of the most difficult nights of my life.. but I have to compromise.


I remember when he was lying in my bed. I was sitting at its corner. It was so silent and I wonder who’s gonna speak first. He has his thoughts. I have my concerns. We never met that time. Understanding flew away.


“I never knew we’ll end up like this. After all these years. You never trusted me. You’re always in doubt. I wonder what’s missing. I wonder if I’ve done something wrong.” he said to me, with tears in his eyes. This is not the first time that I saw him cry. And I guess, definitely not the last.


“It’s not what I mean. Look, I trust you. I trust you more than I love you. You know that. It’s just that..”



I know he was waiting for the next words that I was about to say. I don’t know if he would believe it.



“It’s just that I don’t want to loose you.”



I know he heard that, but he don’t want to understand. I know he needs space and I guess I have to keep silent for a while.



I just went out of the room. Went straight to the kitchen and tried to cook something tasty. I know how hard it is to cook when you have a heavy heart. But I still tried to prepare something that could ease the tension.



“I wonder if he’s already sleeping. Well, I guess this meal will wait until dawn.” I don’t really know if it taste good, but I know I tried my very best to make it edible. You know..can be accepted by the taste buds.


I went inside the room, with my dish, and saw that he was just sitting.



“Where have you been? D’you really think that when you went out of the door, everything’s gonna be ok?” He’s a nagger. Well, just for today. Let it be.


“I just went out to cook something for you. Peace offering? Let’s eat and forget about that non-sense issue. I don’t want to lose you ’cause of my false accusations. I was wrong, and I’m sorry” I just gave him a sweet look and I was so glad to see him smile.



I know he wasn’t angry at me. He was just trying to say what he want to. That’s him. He’s always like that. But when you start saying sweet words to melt his hurts, you can already have his sweet smile again.



I guess my peace offering was kinda effective.



I don’t need words and punch lines just to have that Perfect Return.



I just need a savory and delicious meal for him. :)


In response to Daily Prompt: Drawing a Blank.



♥ Ayin ♥

To Give Up When the Fight Isn’t Over? Never!

It’s been a year and you know that you’re fighting for the relationship. Will you give it up for the sake of peace and tranquility? Won’t you miss the fights? Won’t you miss explaining? Or should I say, won’t you miss the person you loved so much?

It’s so weird – a simple DVD can ruin our relationship. I thought it was a good sign. July has to end and we never had a fight. I thought it can be a great welcome to August. Just a few days before our third year anniversary, And this happened. This sh*t happened.

I admitted it was my fault. He didn’t accepted my apology. Then what? Just to end like that? It’s a simple reason, watching that f*cking DVD at his place. So what if I tell you I have or haven’t seen it? Is it a big deal? I guess that’s nothing! He don’t want to listen to my explanation, so I guess I just have to remain silent and wait until that damn issue just fade away.

But that’s IMPOSSIBLE. He’s the kind of guy that won’t let a mistake JUST pass. I know he’s been acting weird lately, and I don’t mind. I know he has problems that he don’t want to say. I know he has concerns that he wants to solve alone. What’s hurting me the most is the fact that we promised that we’ll take care of each other while we’re still away from our parents. While we’re building our life together. While we’re trying to build the new chapters of our lives. But then, I guess it failed. I failed.



So, 12 days before our anniversary.



Should I still wait for that date?

or should I wait for a call telling me we’re all over?


I want to wait for the latter..


..but I’ll prepare myself for the other.




I won’t give up.
This damn issue won’t break the three years that I fought and struggled to be with you.




This is MY Year | Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

My year? Full of mix emotions.

It started with a fight for love. I remember crying at New Year’s Eve since I can’t be with my fiance. I’m happy to be with my family, but the thought that I can’t be with him for so long just made that celebration a lot sorrowful. Until it was time for me to stand and make the decision to go back to Manila, even without a secured place to stay.

Next, I have to compromise. Compromise to my father’s desires and to their dictations. I found a job. I have the finances to live MY life. And I guess that was fun. Unfortunately, it was the hardest part of my struggle. I know I got what I want – I am with my better half, but I am suffering a lot. Consequences. I know it happens.

Now, I am at the battle of getting back to my comfort zone, or staying at my battle. You know, I never wanted to lose by default, so I want a battle between surviving alone here in a not-so-strange land.

I just hope I can have the best decisions until the end of 2013.

Though it’s still my unpredictable year, I’m sure I have the best time of my life. ^_^

♥ Ayin ♥


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Daily Prompt: State of Your Year.

Photography | Daily Prompt: Back to School

If you could take a break from your life and go back to school to master a subject, what would it be?

I want to study photography. Why? I just want to.


I have this hidden passion for photography and I wish I have the chance to pursue my dream in this field. I’m just so happy to meet somebody who has the same passion as I have. Good thing is, he’s better than me. He can do great shots that I don’t even think of.


I know photography can give me a big break from my stressful work. I’m pretty sure I can be one of the best photographers when I studied this field. :)