Hi there!


Just want some quick update. I’ll share my dreadful story about my recent apartment. :(


Honestly, I like that place. No noisy PUV’s. No noisy neighbors. Just near our office. I can feel freedom and independence.


Unfortunately, I have to leave and look for another place to stay. Thieves broke inside our room and got some stuff. Super dreadful, isn’t it?


Here are the photos sent to me by my landlady. I was at Laguna that time since it was our team building:


See? The screws were removed, so they had the way to enter our room freely. :(
Sorry for the mess. I wonder what the girls did here before leaving the place.. or i guess the thieves had a great time in lying in my bed. Gross!
See my very cute electric fan? I’m so glad that the thief didn’t took this. My room will turn into a desert if that happened. :( Unfortunately, the pink bag is not at the corner anymore. It stores all important documents owned by my roommate.
The next pictures depict the situation of our closets. The funny thing is, the thief didn’t invaded that part of the house. My money was hidden there, and my roommate’s jewelries are also there. We’re still lucky, since no cash was taken from us.
messy closet! hahaha :D
I’m glad that the thief didn’t took our food supply.. or else we’ll be hungry for the whole week. *sigh*

Sadly, this wasn’t reported to the police. My landlady wasn’t that responsible in reporting the scene. This happened for the second time and they don’t care about their tenant’s security. I really hate this experience. Grr!!!

Now, we’re already looking forward to another apartment. We just hope that there’ll be no more robbery. I know I have the trauma already. :(

PS: For those who are looking for a place to stay in Makati City, you can avoid this address: 1704-C Angono St., Brgy Poblacion, Makati City.. or try not to stay on the nearest apartments. It could happen that the thief is still there or still inside the apartment. :)

Lonely HUntress


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