21 Signs Someone Is Bad For You

You don’t have to change yourself to please somebody else. If you’re forced to be another person you’re totally NOT, that means the person is bad for you. Unhealthy relationship. :)

Lonely Huntress

Thought Catalog

1. Every time you know you are going to see them, you dress and style yourself very differently than you normally would, and are particularly concerned about how “put-together” you are going to look.

2. No matter how much time you spent on making yourself look good, you always inevitably feel uncool and unattractive when you are around them.

3. Your admiration for them extends far beyond just “I appreciate these qualities, I would maybe like to be more like that myself some day in certain ways.” It is more like “They are a much better person than me in every way and I will never be as good as them.”

4. When they don’t call you back, it tortures you.

5. You are often tortured, because “calling you back in anything resembling a timely fashion” has never been their strong point.

6. Whenever you send them a message, or…

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