My Birthday Celebration – An Update

You remember my posy about Congo Grille? I said I’ll update the photos on my FB account. Well, I changed my mind. I’ll just update it here. :D


I also want to remind you that my birthday was on June 2. I guess this isn’t a very late post. :)



So, enjoy the photo story!


I want to watch Monsters University. I’m a huge fan of the movie. Haha! I’m so like a kid. :D That’s why I don’t have to miss a photo at their booth.
While waiting for our orders, we took lots of pictures. Haha! This is my BF…
..and this is the chubby me. :(
I wonder where he’s looking. :)



The honey chicken BBQ, Kare-kare and rice! :D
Me again. Hehe! He said, it was my birthday, so i have to be the star of the photos. Well, I guess I also have to START eating. :D
Save the best for last! Hahaha! This is my favorite photo since I have the Choco Banana Shake. :) I wonder if he can make one of this in the next days.
That’s a public request! He must read this. LOL!


Few pics, right? Hehe!


We usually get some pictures.. but we don’t overload our phones with photos.



Proceed to my next post. I still have some time to update you about our team building.. :D





Lonely Huntress


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