Travels: OWL Team Building

Good things happen once in a while. You don’t have to miss those opportunities.


I don’t have any plans of attending to this team building since I feel so exhausted. My desire was to sleep like it’s my last time to do so. Haha! I wanna kill myself and have rest. Just kidding.


On the other hand, I was thinking that swimming can make me feel relaxed and refreshed. That’s why I had a last minute change of mind. Hehehehe!



Our team went to 172 Mutya, a private resort in Laguna. It’s a good looking place with nice amenities. Sadly, my phone’s cam don’t want to cooperate so I have low quality photos to post here. (But I’ll add some when I already got some pics from my officemates.)

Can you still see me? Hahaha! My phone can’t handle the extreme sunlight. This photo was messed up. Unfortunately, this is one of my favorites. :(
wasted pose! :(
ME @ somewhere? hahaha
Maricar’s busy looking at the song book, but she never sang. Next time, she has to render us a special number.
Angelica’s assuming stolen shot. haha :D isn’t that cute?
TIME IN! Our singer for the morning! My dear Rio! :)
the memorable spot. I can remember singing the line “I think I’m fallen’ in love with you” and my crush is sitting here. He was facing me as I sing. Awkward moment, right? :)
The pool! :D
the HOT pool. :) It’s nice to stay here, though it’s hard to cope with the temp at first.
Another view of the pool. ^_^
This is the first spot that I checked the time I woke up. hehe! It looks too cute. :) I want to have a cottage like this when I already have my own house. That’s NOTED!
Told yah! It’s cute!


It’s suited for night swimming since the water is warm. They said it was because of the hot spring something. Sorry, i didn’t have much time to study about that. ^_^



If ever you’re planning to have a private party, 172 Mutya is a great pick. I’m asking  my batch mates if we can have a reunion here, but I didn’t receive any response. Maybe they’re still thinking of the expenses. Oh well, I understand. :)



That’s all for today!


I’ll update this post some other day, when I have the pics already!



Lonely Huntress


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