Office Husband |Daily Prompt: Keep Out

Who is the one person you hope isn’t reading your blog? Why?


I guess, he’s the only one. I hope he don’t read my blog, especially my post entitled, Sensitivity.


I don’t know if he would realize that he’s the one I’m talking about on that post, but I’m pretty sure he’ll realize how much I appreciate him. Well, I guess there’s no problem with that, but I’m not that prepared to tell him that he’s someone special.


One more thing, I don’t know how to react if he confronts me. He’s fond of confronting me., and I know I’ll get paranoid when he does it again.


I hope he won’t read my blog, or else I’ll have to set my posts as private ones. Unfortunately, I don’t want that to happen. :)


Anyway, I’ll still post more things about him. In case he can read those, I’ll just smile and let him think of anything behind that smile. :)





Lonely Huntress


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