Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer





Remember Jack and the Giant Beanstalk? Yeah. That was one of the stories that I always read in our library when I was still in elementary. I never thought they’ll rename the title and produce movies about this. I just watched this Jack, the Giant Slayer at home, since my BF bought a DVD of this. Oh! My mistake! I first watched this online, and then watched it again while riding a bus and watched it again at home, twice! Isn’t it too obvious that I like the movie? Hehe!
In the original story, Jack was a kid who bartered his cow for the magic beans. Since he came home without any penny, his mother threw the beans to the ground. The beans grew overnight, and he climbed to the heavens. There, he saw a house and met the giant’s wife. The wife hid him and he heard the giant while counting the money. When the giant fell asleep, he stole a bag of gold, and later, the hen that lays the golden eggs and the harp. When the giant knew that Jack was stealing their things, he followed Jack down the beanstalk. Jack asked for an ax and chopped the beanstalk and killed the giant. They’re left with all the riches that he got from the giant’s place.


Jack the Giant Slayer

In this movie, Jack was a farm boy. When he was still young, his father told him the legend about the giants and Erik the Great. He keeps a book from his mother and it states about that legend. He believes that the giants will come back for revenge and they’re making sure that they’ll in against Erik’s kin.


When he was 18 years old, Jack was asked by his Uncle to sell the cart and the horse. While on the market, he saw a theater presenting the legend that he always loved – about Erik and the giants. There he saw Isabelle, the Princess. She was being harassed by some drunk men and he helped her to escape their nasty plan. He thought the men got frightened by his words, only to know that the Guardians are already at their back, saving the princess from trouble and sending her back to the castle.

Then he continue to sell his horse (the cart was gone while he’s in the theater). Until a monk called him and bargained for the horse. He gave the magic beans to Jack, and requested him to send the beans to the abbey in replace of some amount. The monk breaks away with the horse, but the guardians caught him. Roderick, the “keeper” of the beans asked him for the location of the beans, but he insisted to tell where they were, so Roderick killed the monk.


That night, his uncle scolded him, since he gave the horse in exchange of beans. His uncle threw the seeds and one fell in a hole of their wooden floor. There was a storm that time, and Isabelle rushed to his door. She was lost and saw the torch of Jack, that’s why she headed to his place. Jack notices that she was the princess so he accommodated her nicely. It was only after the beanstalk grew when they got into trouble. The beanstalk carried the house up in the sky with Isabelle and Jack fell from his house.


To search for the princess, Jack, Roderick, Wicke (Roderick’s assistant), Elmont, Crawe and other guardians we’re sent up to the beanstalk. Their mission is to save and bring home the princess, not expecting much adventure while up there.


Elmont and Crawe was caught by the giants while they’re trying to catch the lamb. Jack followed where the giants will bring the two. On the other hand, Roderick and Wicke was caught on the cliff, but they’re not hurt since Roderick showed them the crown.


Crawe was crushed by the Fallon (the two-headed giant) since he pissed off the creature. Elmont was left and was about to be cooked by another giant when Jack came to rescue them (including the princess). Jack killed the chef giant that made way to their escape. Jack went down the beanstalk with Isabelle, but Elmont decided to stay up to kill Roderick.


Roderick commanded the giants that they have to be ready for a battle. But since he was killed by Elmont, Fallon lead them to the battle, while he was holding the crown. They went down using the stalks that they planted. The guardians prepared for the coming of the giants and they poured oil on the water and sets it in fire. Fallon falls into the water and finds a way to enter the castle from underwater.


Fallon captured Jack and Isabelle. Jack droppped the last bean on Fallon’s mouth, allowing the beanstalk to grow and rip Fallon’s body. Jack was able to get the crown and hindered the giants from continually attacking the kingdom.


In the end, Jack and Isabelle was telling the story to their children and it showed that the crown is crafted into St. Edward’s Crown and stored at the Tower of London.

I was carried away! Sorry for typing the whole story instead of the synopsis. Hehe! Just kidding! :)
Nicholas Hoult did a great job in this movie! I never expected that he could do a great adventure movie like this, since I first saw him in Warm Bodies(I’ll be doing another review about that movie in the next days). I’ll be looking forward to see his upcoming movies!


Well, congrats to Bryan Singer and to the whole cast and crew of this movie. There are so many news that they earned so much. In the Philippines, they earned as much as P52M nationwide!


Honestly, what captivated me much about this story is the love story of the princess and the commoner. Sometimes, we’ll never know when we’ll meet our prince/princess. They’ll just come rushing to our homes when the storm is pouring hard. Just wait. :)


You can also learn about loyalty and trust. You can see that there are no evil plans that will win against the good intentions. And most importantly, you’ll see how happily ever after really exist.



Well, until my next movie review!


PS: Thanks for GOOGLE for the pictures! xD

Lonely Huntress


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