MVP and the Cheerleader | Daily Prompt: Fandom

Favorite sport? Basketball… but that was so long ago.



I don’t know why, but there’s this terrifying feeling when I watch a basketball game. I feel something bad is going to happen, or something awful will cross my way. Just kidding. Honestly, bad memories just haunt me – those times that I was with a very special basketball player.



It was eight years ago, but I still remember every cheer that I exert every time he’s on the court. Those screams. Those pompoms I’m holding. Those jerseys that I wore. But now, they’re just memories. He’s gone. He’ll never come back. In case he’s still playing basketball, I can never watch those games. I will never watch it again.



I know this sounds bitter, but because of him, I limited myself into the hard court. I don’t want to remind myself of the pain that I felt when he left me for somebody else. Yes, he left me because of another cheer leader..



If you know Taylor Swift’s song entitled You Belong With Me, you’ll know my story. I’m the one on the bleachers, she’s a certified cheerleader. She wears short skirts, I have T-shirts.. She made the move and I stood still. She had the man I always long for.



It has been eight long years, but I can’t forget how they faced me after all that had happened. I know I already forgiven him and that girl, but the scar that it left will always remind me that not everyone is perfect.




Oh well, I’m starting to love other things this time. I just hope I can post more about my other hobbies in the next days. :)




In response to Daily Prompt: Fandom.





Lonely Huntress


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