Eagle’s Wings | Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?


Independence and freedom.


I know I’m not that free, and I’m pretty sure I can’t live like an island, but then, I want others to learn this in some other ways.


For those who are afraid of trying new experiences, I’m encouraging you to venture out and take some step out of your comfort zone. You’ll never learn to fly if you’ll never push yourself in discovering things. Be free to do what you want. Be free to go where you want to go.



Be independent. At first, it’s hard to do this. You’ll miss the help from your parents. You’ll miss your comfort zone. But then. when you learned the importance of independence, you’ll be happy to realize that you’ve passed all the challenges of life.



I was 20 years old when I left home and start living my own life. I’m still on the process of gaining my full freedom and independence. Honestly, I am really enjoying it!






Lonely Huntress




9 thoughts on “Eagle’s Wings | Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

    1. Fear will be the greatest hindrance in stepping out of your comfort zone. Take heart. Believe that you can do it. Start trying again. You’ll see that little by little, you’re already challenging yourself and passing all the hardships in life. I hope you can step out of your comfort zone in time! :)



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