She’s getting wild, he’s waiting on the line;

The party’s going crazy and held her back.

She can’t remember that they have a date,
Don’t want to end the pleasure that groovin’ made..


It took two years for this to happen,
Two years of waiting, praying and hoping..
He’s finally stable enough to settle down,
And he wanted her to wear that gown..



She managed to escape from her friends that night,
They tried to secure her with al their might.
It’s a must that they prevent the proposal,
For they knew that she can’t handle that marital..


“All is set”, the manager said.
In his face the smile was painted.
In his heart is a doubt that she won’t come;
It’s been two hours of waiting and she’s still not around..


She composed herself, retaining the glamor;
This man shouldn’t know that she’s drunken.
Every step tortures her and breaks her heart;
She knew this was coming, not on the day they’ll part..


“I thought you’re not coming”, he softly whispered;
“I’ve been worried about you, your whereabouts.
I’ve been reaching your mobile but you don’t response;
Is there something wrong that I have done?”


Silence came and the cold breeze showered the moment;
She’s just staring at his reaction; he draw back a smile.
The serenade of their theme song lifted the pressure,
She never expected that this could be this harder..


“I’m sorry but I guess this is overdone.
In previous months I believe that the feeling is gone.
I never intended this to happen,
And never wanted your heart broken..”


“It’s now over” she continued.
Then walked away, giving him no chance to sue.
He’s left bewildered and empty-handed,
Can’t accept how their happy life has ended..


Years passed and he learned to move on,
Not that easy, yet he managed to be strong.
He became numb and played with others feelings,
Thinking that the hurt will subside with all his doings.


“I have all that I want,” she said after two years,
“A mansion, large savings and properties.”
She knows she’s contented but she’s not happy,
She knows she’s still lacking the man in her fantasy..



With the help of the best detectives in town,
She searched for the man that she once turned down..
She was excited to know the easily-gathered data,
Pain covered her when she heard bad facts..


He was suffering from cancer, he’s under medication;
He’s staying at the hospital, without someone so concern.
He’s all alone in his battle for life;
For her he’s still striving to survive..

“Soon, I will see her again,” he strongly believed,
“And she will be happy to see my just dying.
My heart stopped beating that moment that she left,
And it took two years for my body to totally melt.”

“I’ve overdone my ways to neglect her presence,
But deep in heart I know that she has an essence.
Her scent ans her voice was lingering in my mind,
And until in this death bed, I still want her mine.”

“Until my last breath, they can’t understand why
Why I never gave up on the girl that made me cry.
She has left so much to remember and I can’t let her go,
Unfortunately, having her again gives me hope..”

She’s in front of the door, retrieving all her strength,
She wanted to apologize for the pain she left.
Beside his bed she sat and saw him smile,
She started explaining what’s worthwhile..

She said,

“I’m sorry for leaving you, you know I just have to,
I was sent to US for various medications.
I wanted to prolong my life so that when I say ‘I do’,
We’ll have our happily ever after, without further ado..”

“It was devastating to see that you’re lying now,
Waiting for your last breath to come.
Can you please fight and strive to survive?
I’ll be helping you to overcome this with all might.”

“I have been loving you all this time, my dear,
But I was always captivated by my enormous fear.
Fear of leaving you, after my illness worsen;
Fear of seeing you from heaven with tears falling.”

He said, while gathering all his breath..

“Forgive me my lady for thinking you’re evil,
Forgive me for cursing you all this time.
I’m sorry but I know I have to go,

Soon I’ll be knocking on heaven’s door”


“Don’t worry, I’ll be your angel.

From afar I’ll watch you and make you safe.

I’ll be loving you until eternity,

And I’m glad, before I die we’ve cleared uncertainties.”


“Still take care of yourself milady, stay safe.

I’ll be catching you in every fall you make.

Feel free, enjoy your life, and love again,

Love what you do and never tolerate pain.”



After he said this, he had his last breathe,

Up to the last second, she held his hand.

Cherishing the last moments of their life together,

Nurturing the love that they’ll share forever.


It might have been overdone, but I guess this have to happen. Love wasn’t enough to leave them together, and they’re destined to be apart. There are times that we need to find our soul mate and then leave them where we met them. This eternal love may be one thing that every one will wish for, but only few can attain.





Lonely Huntress


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