Daily Prompt: Dream Home

I always want to have a simple home, until I saw fabulous photos of houses via Pinterest and other sites. I’ll share some to you.




I know you’ll agree that the curb appeal of this house is so fantastic. I found this on Bigstock. I bet I can keep a copy of this and place it in my dream board. Yehey! Hehe!




Also from Bigstock.com, this is a very nice living room. I guess I’ll prefer something blue on the furniture or wall paint, but I think this is one good choice already. What do you think? :)




I want to have big windows! I just think having black window panes will make this look more beautiful. Am I right? :)




I was thinking of a darker shade of brown for the kitchen, but this photo impressed me a lot. Well, I wish I can have this cozy kitchen, ASAP!




Cute! I don’t know if my future hubby will like this design, but I’ll insist this. Or else he has to stay in the other room. JK!


Sunroom with patterned tile


This sunroom is the best! Pretty sure I’ll enjoy a cup of Joe and some chat time with my friends and family in here. :)


Well, I have stated some of the points that I want in my dream home. I know it will still be a long time before I achieve this, but I’m hoping that I can incorporate my beloved inspiration.


The realization will be posted on the next chapters of my life!




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