Seven Things

Seven things to hate and seven things to love.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Miley’s Seven Things. It talks about what she hates about her ex and what he loved in him. For girls, it’s easier to say their hurt feelings through music and literature. What about for guys? Hmm.. Are they like Bruno Mars all the time?


When teenage girls are hurt, they’re drowning themselves to music, or simply put their messages on a poem. These are times when we remember about Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift. They have to place their emotions in every lyric as an exhaust to the stress and pain that they feel. The question is, what if they hear the songs from Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Westlife, N SYNC, and other boy singer that talks about the promises that were broken? Wondering, aren’t you?


I remember the time that I was under depression. Pessimism was covering my thoughts and I never expected that I can still move on. Music introduced me to the better side of life. It was my saving grace.


You might be wondering about the theme of the songs that I was singing that time. Well, it was all about Christian music. Songs of Darlene Zschech, Third Day, Hillsong United and Michael W. Smith completes my day and lightens my mood. You can try this some time, and I guarantee you that when you start placing your heart at the songs, the gentleness of God will heal your broken heart.


I devoted myself to the worship team when I was still at the province. I miss playing the keyboards. I miss singing with the team. I miss those blessed moments when I get the chance to play and sing alone at the church. I miss those chances. I miss the youth nights and the concerts that we’re having. Concerts without audiences. We just want to sing and to play the instruments and to worship God. Generally, I miss my life.


When I moved to Manila and start working, I started to drift away from the music scene. Sadly, I have few church visits. I just have to watch online preachers and read the Bible at home. I miss the fellowship. It’s a big thing. It means sharing all your pains and have somebody to overcome them together. I feel so blessed to help my members in all their struggles and see them improve as the days pass by.


Unfortunately, everything has CHANGED.


I’m sure they still have the same names and still have the same faces, but I can feel something wrong. I guess they changed and they departed from me. Or I did walked away from them.


If I’ll be asked about the seven things that I hate about them now, I guess it the numbers will not be enough. And I guess, they’ll have the same thing for me.


But I’m still hoping that we’ll still have at least seven things to love about ourselves. To love about our company. To love about our fellowship. And to love about how we used to be together.



If they can read this, I hope they won’t misinterpret. I hope they can understand that I’m also seeking for their presence, as they ignore mine. :)




Lonely Huntress


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