I know the title isn’t that inclined to the content of the post, but this is somewhat an important word that I want to emphasize. Hehe! I just realized that he looks like the characters in the anime. Remember the Vongola Family in Hitman Rreborn? He looks like one of the awesome guys there. Hehe!

Just one shout: ANG CUTE NIYA TALAGA!!!!

Haha! I know those who don’t understand Tagalog will wonder what that means. I hope Google can translate that for you. Well, if it can’t, I’ll shout again for you.


I know this is a freaking statement again, but I just can’t help it. Well, cute is an understatement. He’s more than that. This is more than the physical attraction, though I believe it started with that. Knowing him is one of the best things that I got in this office. Some petty moments with him makes a whole shift very important.

OK. I know the previous paragraph is kinda confusing and PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I feel like a high school student stalking her apple of the eye. Just allow me to, for I know this will pass in the succeeding days. It shall pass, simply because this “affection” will lead me to nowhere. *sigh*

Starting this blog with a situation can make you think of possible niche that I’ll talk about. If you’ll browse in  my previous articles, you can see some sort of bitterness in love and relationships. I know it’s kinda weird since I’m happily engaged. I think there are things that can’t equate with your real feelings. Or I guess, my heart is indeed full of bitterness.

Hold on, the stars are bound to change.. Hold on, the future’s not that far away.

Many girls are frustrated that they can’t court the guys that they like. (I mean in a Philippine set-up) It’s not ethical for Filipinas to ask a guy to out on a date, since it’ll be one of the grave offenses that she can commit. It’s part of our culture that guys have to make the first move and the first to lay their intentions. It worked well for my grandmother’s generation, but I’m pretty sure not quite on mine.

It’s already 2013 and some girls are already having enough courage to make the first move. I remember a girl sending love letters and gifts to they guy that she like. It was kinda weird to see what she was doing and I’m sure some of the people around her gets disappointed with her actions. Surprisingly, he got the guys attention and I saw them together for quite some time. Unfortunately, they broke up since the guy realized that he can’t love the girl fully. Sad.

I wonder if it’s really right for a girl to make the first move. In their case, the girl’s efforts was at least fruitful, but it didn’t lasted. I wonder what happened since they really look so sweet and loving, but then the realization crushed their good relationship. This is one sad story again.

GIRLS, we have to make sure that if ever we’ll make the first move, we won’t expect much from that guy. In case you can see that he feels the same way, then pursue with the friendship and the attempts that you’re doing. When you can sense that he’s not interested, give it up. Somebody else is waiting at the corner for you to notice his love.

Gotta go for now!


Lonely Huntress


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