Politics | Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?


Leadership. Specifically, political leadership.


(If ever a politician can read this post, consider this as a constructive criticism. I respect politicians. I just wonder what they REALLY do for the community.)


It was five years ago when I entered the world of politics. I didn’t win the position, but I had various realizations about the elections. I can still give you every complete detail of what scares me and what discouraged me to be back on that field.


I can remember how nervous am I when I filed my COC. The staff from COMELEC was asking me why I decided to run for the position. I just said, my family wants me to do so and I know I can manage to lead the youth in our place. I don’t know if that was a wise answer, but I answered straight from the heart. I thought having the authority and the power can allow me to do better things for my generation. I thought politics can be my way of growing my social relations to other people.


During the campaign period, I was impressed by the acknowledgement that the residents gave me. They told me that I have a nice plan for the youth and for our place. It’s like the parents are giving their kids some hint that if I win, they’ll have to face a better future. Sadly, only the oldies understood my intent desire to increase the quality of education in our vicinity. The youth decided to choose Mr. Popularity and select the man who can give them all their vices.


As the years passed, I noticed that the organization is not functioning at all. His platforms are just promises that were broken. I can hear some residents complaining about the recent status of the youth. I can’t blame him. I guess it’s hard to lead other people if he can’t rule and discipline himself.


It was until the next election that I knew what happened. The elected captain was manipulating him, and he’s the one controlling the budget of the organization. I know it wasn’t right. SK have their own funds and they must have the sole responsibility to take care of the funds allocated by the national government. The question is, is he that good in thinking of possible ways to spend the funds wisely? Hmm..


I don’t know if those SK officials know their right, but I’m sure any politician shouldn’t manipulate anyone. Sadly, I also knew that those in the higher positions are manipulating every barangay. They’re seeking for possible candidates for barangay captain and let their bets win. In this way, they can assure that the place is under their power and they can do whatever they want there. Sadly, it’s not for the residents benefit, but for their personal intentions.


Before, I want to be one of the widely known politician and I want to make a legacy out of being a public servant. Now, I realized that I can be an ordinary citizen and do extra-ordinary deeds to fulfill that legacy. I don’t need the title to be known. I have to be a law abiding citizen to know my worth in the society.


For those politicians, I know the dirty tactics are always there but you disregard it. There are many issues that you don’t focus on. There are problems in the community that you refuse to solve. Wake up everyone! You don’t have to produce another ME who was discouraged about your deeds. I still want to believe that corruption will end. I still want to hope for a change. I still want to believe that something is in store for the Filipinos. PLEASE, start doing positively now. We want another Robredo. We want a servant that will serve the people very well, even without acquiring much wealth. You have the power and the authority, so please use it in a right way!


I will hope that things will work out good in the next days. I just hope. I know the process isn’t instant, but I think there should be some changes. Little by little. :)



In response to Daily Prompt: Flip Flop.




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