To My Best Friend..

It’s hard to find somebody that can understand your flaws and accepts the craziness that you have. I’m such a lucky individual after meeting this one of a kind friend of mine. And since it’s her birthday, I want to share to you the good things and the mishaps that we always shared, through the years.


I’m very happy to met her. As far as I remember, we just have short talks before. Not much important. It happened that we’re schoolmates and churchmates. It all started there. The friendship. The craziness. All.


For several years. I can comfortably share my secrets to her. All of my frustrations. My deepest hurts. And she can do the same to me. All this time, we’re like sisters, depending on each other and defending each other from our enemies. She can fight for me as much as I can for her. We’re cousins. We’re friends. We’re definitely best friends.


Now, as she celebrates her birthday, I’m hoping for her happiness. I know she already suffered enough and cried enough. It’s time for her to be happy again. Be happy with Baby Mia and be happy with the man that she really loves.


To my dearest best friend, Ann Bangate Tomagan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much, you know that!

Stay happy and pretty! mwuah! ♥ ♥ ♥



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