This is MY Year | Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

My year? Full of mix emotions.

It started with a fight for love. I remember crying at New Year’s Eve since I can’t be with my fiance. I’m happy to be with my family, but the thought that I can’t be with him for so long just made that celebration a lot sorrowful. Until it was time for me to stand and make the decision to go back to Manila, even without a secured place to stay.

Next, I have to compromise. Compromise to my father’s desires and to their dictations. I found a job. I have the finances to live MY life. And I guess that was fun. Unfortunately, it was the hardest part of my struggle. I know I got what I want – I am with my better half, but I am suffering a lot. Consequences. I know it happens.

Now, I am at the battle of getting back to my comfort zone, or staying at my battle. You know, I never wanted to lose by default, so I want a battle between surviving alone here in a not-so-strange land.

I just hope I can have the best decisions until the end of 2013.

Though it’s still my unpredictable year, I’m sure I have the best time of my life. ^_^

♥ Ayin ♥


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Daily Prompt: State of Your Year.


7 thoughts on “This is MY Year | Daily Prompt: State of Your Year

  1. Living and working in another country? You are to be commended – I don’t think I could handle it. I hope your love, work and family lives all work out and together. Waving at you from Cape Cod.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Well, I’m not yet in a foreign country.. I guess I still don’t have enough strength and confidence for that one.. But I am away from my family.. I still have to boost my confidence before I try an adventure outside the country.. Again, thanks for the comment! have a great day ahead! ^_^


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