To Give Up When the Fight Isn’t Over? Never!

It’s been a year and you know that you’re fighting for the relationship. Will you give it up for the sake of peace and tranquility? Won’t you miss the fights? Won’t you miss explaining? Or should I say, won’t you miss the person you loved so much?

It’s so weird – a simple DVD can ruin our relationship. I thought it was a good sign. July has to end and we never had a fight. I thought it can be a great welcome to August. Just a few days before our third year anniversary, And this happened. This sh*t happened.

I admitted it was my fault. He didn’t accepted my apology. Then what? Just to end like that? It’s a simple reason, watching that f*cking DVD at his place. So what if I tell you I have or haven’t seen it? Is it a big deal? I guess that’s nothing! He don’t want to listen to my explanation, so I guess I just have to remain silent and wait until that damn issue just fade away.

But that’s IMPOSSIBLE. He’s the kind of guy that won’t let a mistake JUST pass. I know he’s been acting weird lately, and I don’t mind. I know he has problems that he don’t want to say. I know he has concerns that he wants to solve alone. What’s hurting me the most is the fact that we promised that we’ll take care of each other while we’re still away from our parents. While we’re building our life together. While we’re trying to build the new chapters of our lives. But then, I guess it failed. I failed.



So, 12 days before our anniversary.



Should I still wait for that date?

or should I wait for a call telling me we’re all over?


I want to wait for the latter..


..but I’ll prepare myself for the other.




I won’t give up.
This damn issue won’t break the three years that I fought and struggled to be with you.





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