Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

What would you feel if you saved the world from a nuclear explosion? Or just saved the President in a dangerous situation? Me? I’ll love my self so much. With or without public distinction, I’ll die with pride and loyalty to my nation.




Last Sunday, I watched Olympus Has Fallen staring Gerard Butler (Mike Banning), Aaron Eckhart (President Benjamin Asher) and Morgan Freeman (Speaker Allan Trumbull). It was a story on how a Service Agent saved the life of the President against terrorist and how he stopped the attempt of making nuclear bombs explode. You can read the plot here. :)


Banning and President Asher, when they went out of the White House


For those who saw the movie, I’m sure they loved the theme. At first, you might think that Mike did that just to gain back his reputation and position. But come to think of it, if he died in the battle, can he enjoy being a head agent again? He can’t! So, he saved USA because he pleaded to the flag and to his country. Plus, he knew he could benefit more people in his heroic act.


Connor, the President’s Kid, was saved by Mike. This is the time when he was convincing Connor to climb the chimney to escape.


I wonder if these can have a remake in the Philippines. I’ll save P-Noy in Malacañang and I’ll stop a major bombing. Haha! I’m not an action star, but I guess I’ll give that movie a try. ^.^





In real life, we have too many unsung heroes. They’re those who saves us from many inconvenience in life. I guess their stories should be the theme of movies and not just romantic and erotic ones. The future generation will have great references of the heroes when we document their lives as early as today. OFW’s. Teachers. Traffic enforcers. Security Guards. Street sweepers. They’re just out there. waiting to be noticed.


Well, I guess I have to look for a new movie to review. Haha! Well, EVIL DEAD is next! ^_^




♥ Ayin ♥


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