Open Letter for the Love of my Life | Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Mr. Luis R. Quiped Jr,



Hi sweetie! Can you believe it? It’s been three years! We’re almost there. Just a few steps to our dreams.




I’m so lucky to have you. The guy who understands my craziness, insanity and flaws. You never judged me, though you’ve heard so much stories about my dark past. You adopted to my beliefs as I understand yours. I know we’re really meant for each other. We’re destined to be together, and until now, we’re fighting for that belief.




I’ll never forget the first time I laid my eyes on you. I’ll never forget that and I’m always willing to share that story. Remember the time that I was looking at you from a distance? You’re talking to my best friend. I was mesmerized that’s why I’m too silent. You smiled at me and I did the same. It was one perfect moment. So magical. ♥




Then the first time I sat beside you…that was heaven! I never expected that you’ll remember me, but you did. The funny thing is you started the conversation. I don’t know what to say. I was so bothered with my seminar and I was tensed since you’re there. I’m too speechless, so I just answer you with a smile. It’s a funny thing that you didn’t notice that – or I guess you just don’t want to tell.




Then the time we met at the park. I know it was a business matter, but not for me. I was excited to see you. Excited to see you smile again. Until it happened. Every minute counts. Every word from you is as sweet as the cotton candies around us.




It’s still funny to think that you admired me from a far. Your stories on how I pass by without acknowledging your presence. Without saying “Hi!”. Without smiling. Remember the time when you said “Hi!” and I said “Hello?” Yes, I was puzzled. I can’t remember you that time, so it was like an awkward moment. I remember how you laughed hard when I told you about these scene. And I still smile every time I reminisce our petty moments while we’re still strangers.




Until a year passed and the courtship started. Those, “I never expected you’ll gonna look for me.” and the “I never thought that you like me, too!” Funny! But you know, everything happens for a reason. I believe it’s not the right time when we readily assumed that we’re for each other on our first encounter. Our hearts we’re prepared for our long journey. Most importantly, I guess my emotions are prepared for the best things that you have to offer. And now, we’re just here, celebrating three years of our love and hate relationships.

Thanks for your presence that paints the smile on my face. I love you, sweetie! 

You know what? I’m so thankful that I’m still with you. I know I’m hardheaded. I am crazy. I am a pain in your neck, but still you never left me. You have the chance to let me go and find a new love, but you never did. I saw that your love is deep and so true. I felt it and you showed it. We don’t have a perfect relationship for the past three years, but I’m so sure that we enjoyed every moment that we’re together and we learned from the mistakes that we committed. Everything that happened to us was for a certain purpose – to help us attain our dream. Our happily ever after.


our happily ever after..

This time, we can’t celebrate in a way that we want. Preferably no expensive gifts. No fancy restaurants. No grand party. But as long as I am with you. As long as I can thank you for all your efforts. As long as I can hug you and tell you how much I love you. As long as you’re beside me on this precious day. I know I’ll be the happiest girl in the world. I’ll still be contented and happy, ’cause I know your presence matters most.


happy-anniversary (1)


Again, happy anniversary dear! Through thick and thin, I’ll be here for you. In sickness and in health, I’ll be yours. Through sorrow and joy, I’m your best pal. In your ups and downs, I’ll be beside you. Whatever happens, I am your dearest sweetie. Your dearest Aileen Gin Q. Arnesto.




Happy 3rd anniversary and I love you so much Luis R. Quiped Jr!




From your Tweety bird,


Ayin ♥


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