Reach for you Military Dream | Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back

I’ve seen all your suffering and your pain. I heard all your weeping and all your cries. Now, you’re almost there – reaching for your dreams. As your dear friend, I am so proud of you. ^_^




Remember four years ago? When you’re still a second year student.. That’s the first time that I met you. Via YM. You’re still having fun and enjoying your teen life, but you’re too determined to reach for your dream. Now, it’s just one step away.




I remember how joyful you are on your graduation day. All those pics can tell me how proud you are that you’ve passed your hard college days. I can see that your family is very proud of you. While you can’t see me and while I am so far away, I am also so proud of you.




If only you could see how teary I am when I knew you passed the board exam. I’m so happy. I’m so proud of you. All those hard times are worth it. Those sleepless nights are all worth it. And all those sufferings are worth it. You made it!




If only I can be with you when you received your certificate, or license, at Mall of Asia. I’ll be one of the happiest girl in the world. But then again, even when I am far away, I am still so proud of you.




Now that you experienced field work, I know that you’re confident enough to continue your battle. You experienced night shift duties and passed it also. I’m not beside you all these time, but in my heart I can say that I am so proud of you.




You’re on your last training to be part of the Philippine Army. You’re almost there. I know you can make it. I know you’re truly determined to reach for your dreams.




You said before that I was inspiring you to move forward. Thank you for that. I guess it’s time for you to work for your own sake. From a distance, I am willing to be your friend to support you in all your struggles. I’ll still push you to your limits and dare you to come out of your shell. It’s been a long way. I know you’re too young and you can still reach for more.




Mr. Army,

From a distance, you have to remember.. I am happy to be your friend and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!





[In response to Daily Prompt: Pat on the Back.]




♥ Ayin ♥



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