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Happy Birthday Best Friend | Daily Prompt: A Friend in Need

“My closest friend is…”

celebrating her birthday today!

Days passed already and I haven’t responded to some topics, and it’s a nice timing that Daily Post suggested a talk about friends.

I miss her. I really miss her. She’s the only person I can rely on, the only person who can listen to my deepest hurts. She’s the only person who can understand my weird thoughts and can be my partner in crime. Hehe! We’re not criminals, literally, but we have some top secrets that remains a secret. Hidden in our closets.

She texted me this morning, asking me what’s happening to me now. I miss our long conversations – updating about anything under the sun. There will be a time that I’ll have to talk to her again. I’ll wait for that again. Until that time..


Happy birthday again bheztie!

I love you!


To My Best Friend..

It’s hard to find somebody that can understand your flaws and accepts the craziness that you have. I’m such a lucky individual after meeting this one of a kind friend of mine. And since it’s her birthday, I want to share to you the good things and the mishaps that we always shared, through the years.


I’m very happy to met her. As far as I remember, we just have short talks before. Not much important. It happened that we’re schoolmates and churchmates. It all started there. The friendship. The craziness. All.


For several years. I can comfortably share my secrets to her. All of my frustrations. My deepest hurts. And she can do the same to me. All this time, we’re like sisters, depending on each other and defending each other from our enemies. She can fight for me as much as I can for her. We’re cousins. We’re friends. We’re definitely best friends.


Now, as she celebrates her birthday, I’m hoping for her happiness. I know she already suffered enough and cried enough. It’s time for her to be happy again. Be happy with Baby Mia and be happy with the man that she really loves.


To my dearest best friend, Ann Bangate Tomagan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much, you know that!

Stay happy and pretty! mwuah! ♥ ♥ ♥


A Woman’s Gender Math

My friend sent a link with the post entitled 9 reasons you should never fall in love. This is a guy’s point of view, so I want to answer some of the thoughts that he shared. At the same time, I’ll clarify some misunderstanding about ladies.

Love can come to you in many ways, but let’s focus on the romantic phase of love. Also known as eros, we’ll talk about the affection of a boy to a girl and vice versa.

The author stated that he met a girl in his class in college. The girl sat next to him in class and they always talk to each other, share class works and exchanged emails.

She started telling him interesting things about her and they have some bonding moments after class. He said that she’s the first girl who paid much attention to him. He started to ask her out for some time, but she always refuse and tell him she has to come to work.

After two months, he discovered the fact that the she’s committed to somebody else. He could remember that she talks about the guy many times, but he never expected that he’s her boyfriend.

He decided that they could still be friends but he realized that he can’t forget his feelings in that way. Then, they talked and she said sorry for the pain that she brought to him. They cut all their lines of communication. After that he never saw the girl. Or at least they have different schedules after that.

Now, he posted this blog just to warn guys about “assuming” that a girl like them. In this case, I read some offensive statements here. We have the right to defend ourselves and I’m standing as a lady and a representative of those that remain speechless about this blog.

Before I present my rebuttal on this article, I would like to commend the author for writing a nice article. It’s an awkward feeling for a guy to talk/write about their feelings and I know he’s very courageous enough to tell everyone what he’s been through. His pointers are good and for some reasons, I agree to them. I like the way he stated his feelings and the way he used words to make the article more persuasive. Kudos Mr. Author!

I’ll post the “reason”that the author mention and I’ll place my own comment below. These are all personal opinions, so if you’re gonna post comments about these, please do it in a nice way. I believe that my opinions are my intellectual property and based on my preferences. ♥

9. Premature Attachment is Unhealthy

Most girls are sociable and always want to have someone to talk to. In her case, it could happen that she don’t want to be alone when she decided to sit on the “20 chairs available”. The fact that she sat next to you can be a start of friendship, but not an instant relationship.

Assuming isn’t bad. It’s just that you don’t have to do it too much. You can probably assume that you can build a memorable friendship with the other party, but don’t jump to romantic relationship right away. That’s really a BAD thing to do, especially in his case that they’re together for a very short span of time. There’ll never be any ideal woman, only real woman. You could picture somebody that’s like a goddess, but you probably can end up with a bad girl. We don’t know who’ll meet us halfway.

8. Differing Lifestyles

Just be yourself. Girls can have a greater chance of falling in love to true man. Sometimes you have to impress ladies, but you don’t have to sacrifice the real you just to make her fall for you. I’m pretty sure you’ll end up miserable and she’s gonna expect more from you. Both of you guys will definitely be hurt.

Friendship allows you to assess each others attitude and habits. If you have enough time to observe, you’ll definitely have the idea of what flaws we have and you’ll have the chance to think if you can handle those. He’s right when he said that guys (and also girls) can use those flaws to get over them. After seeing their negative traits and how they differ from you, you can have that “turn-off” feeling and have the reason to stop yourself from admiring the other.

7. A New Measuring Stick is Created

“How can I get better when I had the best?” Probably, that’s your question when you met your beloved. You’ll have a standard that your next girl should be like that. Reality check: WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT!

You can never find a girl that’s EXACTLY the same as your previous partner, so don’t stick to your standards. They could have same preferences, but they have different habits. It can also happen that you’ll get interested on them since they have the same traits as your previous partner, but you can also fall in love with their other traits that you haven’t experienced before. Accept the differences we girls have and you’ll understand how to fall in love with the right one. Or at least, you can already see the woman that’s destined to you if you stop focusing on that standard that your ex set.

6. Physical Appearances and Attractions Change

100% true! If you’ll gonna love us because we’re pretty and hot during our twenty’s, make sure that you can accept us fat and haggard when we already have kids. Fall in love with our personality. I’m sure they’ll never change over the years. We might prioritize the future of our kids, but true and everlasting love can fix all issues about physical appearance. “I love you no matter how devastated to look. I love you because you’re the girl who completed my life.” This is the best statement ever!

5. You’ll Never Have Complete Honesty

If you really want to capture the attention of a girl, honesty isn’t an issue at all. If you’re going to use this as a reason not to fall in love, you probably have issues about telling the truth to everyone. Sad to say, I’ll probably conclude that you’re a liar.

Honest remarks matter to us, but you have to tell it in a nice way so that we won’t get offended. I know you can do it guys. Just be honest. Honesty develops our trust to you.

4. You’ll Retain Complete Control of your Life.

When you decide not to walk the path of love and commitment, everything you choose to do in your life is up to you. No compromising necessary, no forced approval, no attending undertaken events your prospective girlfriend would want.- I agree to these statements. You can do what you want while you’re still single, but I’m pretty sure that your priorities will change when you’re already in love with the right girl. Both of you will understand your preferences and you don’t have to compromise to certain actions that’s hard for you to accept. I’m sure that financial issues can be solved the right way when the two of you knows how to understand each other.

3. She’s probably seeing someone else.

Again, friendship can give you an idea about this situation. If you’ll give yourself enough time to know the person before assuming a romantic relationship, you’ll have the best ideas if she’s into somebody else. You can also assess in her actions if she wants to pursue a romantic situation with you. Again, take time to observe and don’t jump into conclusions. If you want clarity along the way, directly ask her. Don’t just assume. :)

2. Thinking about an UNREQUITED CRUSH all the time can lead you into a Depression

If you’ll indulge yourself into misery, then you’ll never get over it. In the author’s case, I can conclude that he don’t want to let go of the pain that he suffered that’s why he’s insisting that love will only hurt him.

1. You’ll just wind up with a broken heart in the end

How sure are you? I told you a while ago, I’m different from any other girl. At the same time, she’s different from the other girls around you. You’ll never notice the lady that’s meant for you if you never allow yourself to fall in love again.

I know that we’ll all die after decades, but I’m sure that if you have joyous moments to share, you’ll never feel alone. You’ll have your kids with you. They’ll always remind you of the love that you shared for all this time. I’m sure that your love for your partner is like your love for your kids –  never ending!

To share to you, I also experienced a devastating heartbreak. I thought he’ll be my last love. I was afraid of loving somebody again and hurt myself again. I promised never to be romantically attached again, until I met my partner.

I met him when I was organizing a seminar at their place. He got my attention since he looks so good. I wanted to know him more so I researched stuff about him. His school, his family and his friends. But it just ended like that. I just know him by the few information that I got and he just knew me by my name.

A year passed and we met again. He told me his intentions, which I never believed instantly. That can be impossible, since it’s been a long time after we saw each other again. But then, I gave myself the chance to know him more. He also did the same. Our friendship was something that I’ll trade fr anything and I’ll treasure.

Until I decided to pursue dating with him. I’ve seen to many flaws, but then he got to witness mine also. We had an agreement that if any of us fall out of love, we just have to be honest and tell it to the other person, since both of us don’t want to expect for something serious.

Falling in love with him was one of the most fearful things and risks that I took. And it’s all worth it. We’re still together, through thick and thin. We have problems, but we settle it before the end of the day. You just have to understand each other and realize that your differences can help you grow.

Falling in love is a great thing. You can never enjoy its joyous phase if you don’t take risks. Get a life. Fall in love. Be happy. :)


Trip to Jerusalem | Daily Prompt: Fly on the Wall

If you could be a “fly on the wall” anywhere and at any time in history, where and when would you choose?


The time when Jesus was still living as a human being until his resurrection.


I’ve been studying Christ’s journey for many years now. It will be a great pleasure for me if I’ll be given the chance to witness it with my own eyes. I wanna see how many sickly was healed. I want to listen to his teachings and I want to join their ministry. I want to witness every miracle that He has done. I want to see His Crucifixion and the time that he rose again.


This is so classic and medieval, but I just want to be part of the most important part of  my salvation. I do believe in Christ though I haven’t seen Him personally, but as I’ve said, it will be a great privilege to witness that scenario. :)




Politics | Daily Prompt: Flip Flop

Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?


Leadership. Specifically, political leadership.


(If ever a politician can read this post, consider this as a constructive criticism. I respect politicians. I just wonder what they REALLY do for the community.)


It was five years ago when I entered the world of politics. I didn’t win the position, but I had various realizations about the elections. I can still give you every complete detail of what scares me and what discouraged me to be back on that field.


I can remember how nervous am I when I filed my COC. The staff from COMELEC was asking me why I decided to run for the position. I just said, my family wants me to do so and I know I can manage to lead the youth in our place. I don’t know if that was a wise answer, but I answered straight from the heart. I thought having the authority and the power can allow me to do better things for my generation. I thought politics can be my way of growing my social relations to other people.


During the campaign period, I was impressed by the acknowledgement that the residents gave me. They told me that I have a nice plan for the youth and for our place. It’s like the parents are giving their kids some hint that if I win, they’ll have to face a better future. Sadly, only the oldies understood my intent desire to increase the quality of education in our vicinity. The youth decided to choose Mr. Popularity and select the man who can give them all their vices.


As the years passed, I noticed that the organization is not functioning at all. His platforms are just promises that were broken. I can hear some residents complaining about the recent status of the youth. I can’t blame him. I guess it’s hard to lead other people if he can’t rule and discipline himself.


It was until the next election that I knew what happened. The elected captain was manipulating him, and he’s the one controlling the budget of the organization. I know it wasn’t right. SK have their own funds and they must have the sole responsibility to take care of the funds allocated by the national government. The question is, is he that good in thinking of possible ways to spend the funds wisely? Hmm..


I don’t know if those SK officials know their right, but I’m sure any politician shouldn’t manipulate anyone. Sadly, I also knew that those in the higher positions are manipulating every barangay. They’re seeking for possible candidates for barangay captain and let their bets win. In this way, they can assure that the place is under their power and they can do whatever they want there. Sadly, it’s not for the residents benefit, but for their personal intentions.


Before, I want to be one of the widely known politician and I want to make a legacy out of being a public servant. Now, I realized that I can be an ordinary citizen and do extra-ordinary deeds to fulfill that legacy. I don’t need the title to be known. I have to be a law abiding citizen to know my worth in the society.


For those politicians, I know the dirty tactics are always there but you disregard it. There are many issues that you don’t focus on. There are problems in the community that you refuse to solve. Wake up everyone! You don’t have to produce another ME who was discouraged about your deeds. I still want to believe that corruption will end. I still want to hope for a change. I still want to believe that something is in store for the Filipinos. PLEASE, start doing positively now. We want another Robredo. We want a servant that will serve the people very well, even without acquiring much wealth. You have the power and the authority, so please use it in a right way!


I will hope that things will work out good in the next days. I just hope. I know the process isn’t instant, but I think there should be some changes. Little by little. :)



In response to Daily Prompt: Flip Flop.




I know the title isn’t that inclined to the content of the post, but this is somewhat an important word that I want to emphasize. Hehe! I just realized that he looks like the characters in the anime. Remember the Vongola Family in Hitman Rreborn? He looks like one of the awesome guys there. Hehe!

Just one shout: ANG CUTE NIYA TALAGA!!!!

Haha! I know those who don’t understand Tagalog will wonder what that means. I hope Google can translate that for you. Well, if it can’t, I’ll shout again for you.


I know this is a freaking statement again, but I just can’t help it. Well, cute is an understatement. He’s more than that. This is more than the physical attraction, though I believe it started with that. Knowing him is one of the best things that I got in this office. Some petty moments with him makes a whole shift very important.

OK. I know the previous paragraph is kinda confusing and PLEASE don’t get me wrong. I feel like a high school student stalking her apple of the eye. Just allow me to, for I know this will pass in the succeeding days. It shall pass, simply because this “affection” will lead me to nowhere. *sigh*

Starting this blog with a situation can make you think of possible niche that I’ll talk about. If you’ll browse in  my previous articles, you can see some sort of bitterness in love and relationships. I know it’s kinda weird since I’m happily engaged. I think there are things that can’t equate with your real feelings. Or I guess, my heart is indeed full of bitterness.

Hold on, the stars are bound to change.. Hold on, the future’s not that far away.

Many girls are frustrated that they can’t court the guys that they like. (I mean in a Philippine set-up) It’s not ethical for Filipinas to ask a guy to out on a date, since it’ll be one of the grave offenses that she can commit. It’s part of our culture that guys have to make the first move and the first to lay their intentions. It worked well for my grandmother’s generation, but I’m pretty sure not quite on mine.

It’s already 2013 and some girls are already having enough courage to make the first move. I remember a girl sending love letters and gifts to they guy that she like. It was kinda weird to see what she was doing and I’m sure some of the people around her gets disappointed with her actions. Surprisingly, he got the guys attention and I saw them together for quite some time. Unfortunately, they broke up since the guy realized that he can’t love the girl fully. Sad.

I wonder if it’s really right for a girl to make the first move. In their case, the girl’s efforts was at least fruitful, but it didn’t lasted. I wonder what happened since they really look so sweet and loving, but then the realization crushed their good relationship. This is one sad story again.

GIRLS, we have to make sure that if ever we’ll make the first move, we won’t expect much from that guy. In case you can see that he feels the same way, then pursue with the friendship and the attempts that you’re doing. When you can sense that he’s not interested, give it up. Somebody else is waiting at the corner for you to notice his love.

Gotta go for now!


Lonely Huntress

Weird Tourist | Daily Prompt: Stranger in a Strange Land

What’s your favorite part about visiting a new place — the food? The architecture? The people watching?


I’m pretty sure I never experienced being a stranger in a strange land, but I can imagine the things that I want to experience and to see there.


I want to see cold fire – literally. I know that sounds absurd, but I always wonder how it feels to touch the fire with my bare hands. I guess I’ll have to stay in a fantasy land to experience that, but I’ll take the risk. JK! :)


Seriously, I want to see the crazy architectures, like a house shaped like an apple. Or a building with an egg theme. Or simply, a house of nachos. OR other weird architectures. I’m getting tired of looking at gigantic buildings. I want to see something new.


Food? Not much of it. I just want to taste something different and worth remembering. Like a bitter gourd that’s not bitter at all. Or like a hot sauce that’s not spicy. Haha! Weirdest things in life, prolly! :)



I’m dreaming that I can have a chance to be a stranger in a strange land. But for now, I have to travel trough books and through the blogs about travel that I’m reading. Hopefully, there’ll be a time that my travel dreams will come true.






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