Month: August 2013

Being an OWL..

♫ ♪ “Ayawan na,

hindi na masaya..

may papampam kasi,

hindi naman kasali” ♫ ♪


My situation reminds me of this cute song. My best friend, Juvy Lynn, used to sing this when we’re college students. Sigh. Nasaan na ba talaga ako ngayon? Bakit ganito? I wanted to be the same again.


Hindi ko makakalimutan yung unang araw na pumasok ako as a Link Placement Jr. Writer. Hindi ko expected ang work environment. Yung gwapong katabi (My trainor na biglang nag-disappear). Si Jose na makulit, parating late, at inaantok. Hehe! The first week was so exciting. I survived!


Hanggang sa dumami ang comment count ko. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, highest count for two cycles. Then, nalipat ako ng team. SIYA naging team leader ko. Nakatabi ko siya. Na-suspend ako. Nag-team building. Nalaman ko na meron palang “non-sense comments” issue. Yung kape. Yung blog. Yung paglipat niya ng pwesto. Hmm.. Hanggang sa sunod-sunod ng disaster ang nangyari. It consumed all the happiness that I stored for the past four months. I’m exhausted.


Hindi lang naman ako ang na-disappoint sa mga nangyari. My friends also felt the same way. We planned resignation. We planned to look for another job, wherein magiging masaya kami. But I was thinking, magiging masaya ba ako kapag umalis ako ng ERI?


When I think about leaving this place, bumibigat ang pakiramdam ko. This office was a very special part of my battle. A very special part of my freedom. Though I know marami naman na opportunities sa iba, there’s something in here na humihila sakin to stay. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not OH. It’s not Popoy. Hindi kung SINO man. This is how I appreciated myself when I start working as a Link Placement Jr Writer.


Ganito naman talaga pag mahal mo di ba? You’ll endure. Siguro, test of love ko lang for my work kung bakit nagkagulo-gulo the previous days. I’m hoping na maging regular employee next week. Siguro that’ll start my glorious days again. I HOPE SO. ^_^


Being a Link Placement Jr Writer completes me. I’m happy with this team. I AM HAPPY TO BE HERE. (That’s a declaration. Hahaha!)






My Ex-BF is Getting Married | Daily Prompt: Pants on Fire

What was the last lie you told? Why did you tell it?




Why did I tell that? Because I have to.



My ex-boyfriend is getting married tomorrow. He’s 20 years old. He’s too young. I never thought that he’ll be on a “rush”. Well, it’s already done, and everything is already set.



I wonder what he’s thinking now. Can he still remember me and wonder if I still care? Is he happy now? I wonder is he’s sure enough of marriage. I wonder if he’s ready for the responsibility that parenthood has.



I said I was happy for him. I think he already found the girl that he’ll always care and cherish. However, I can feel pain. I’m not sure why. I just know I feel pain. I was hurt. I was hurt ’cause I  never expected that it’ll be this soon. It’ll be this urgent.



I know deep inside me still expects that we can still be together. But after the marriage ceremony tomorrow, I know my fantasies will end. My dream life with him MUST end.







Well, I guess I have to say goodbye permanently. No more expecting from him. No more dreaming. Now that he’s gonna tie the knots to another woman, I’ll try to be non-existent just to  make him happy.






PS: I’ll elaborate this post using an open letter. I just have to finish my work first. ^_^ BBL!




Lonely Huntress


Words don’t come easy.

It happens to me all the time, and it’s hard to finish your desired article because of this. Well, I have to pause, think, and gather my thoughts again. However, when you’re thinking about deadlines, you’ll get cracked up. You’ll panic. There are times that you’ll end up with a non-sense piece… or something that’s not related to what you want to write.

They call it mental block. For me, it’s writer’s block. And it annoys me a lot. There are times that I want to finish a story, but then it seems that my thoughts have been disoriented. I don’t have anything to write. Crazy, right? However, we have to deal with it. It’s a kind of challenge by the way.

At this moment, I want my anger to be put into words. However, I don’t know how to. I guess there are times that you need to be silent so that you won’t create any commotion. You won’t create the tension. Most importantly, you won’t mess up everything.






Now I don’t have anything to say again.




But I have too many things to share.


We haven’t celebrated our anniversary yet, though five days already passed. We’re too busy. Our schedules still haven’t met. I hope we can have some spare time. :)




I have a new home. This is the third time that I moved in and I hope this could be the last. It’s hard to transport all my things – my clothes, kitchen wares and beloved electric fan. They’re safe at their place now and they must stay there. Hopefully..

I want a handful of chocolates! Hahaha! I hope I can buy some in the next days. ♥




I also finished reading Dan Brown’s Inferno. It’s a great book! Yehey! :)




I have to read another book now.
My friend suggested “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman..







♥ Ayin ♥

Boredom | Daily Prompt: (YAWN)

What bores you?




Staying at the office without workload.


At first, you’ll enjoy it. I can update my blogs. I can search for lyrics that I want. I can chat with my friends. But then, when I lack things to do, I get bored.



It’s a good chance to stay at the office and search for things about my work. But then again, it’s hard to apply its concepts without hands on. So, I get bored when I read theories on the internet, without actual application.





I guess this boring moments won’t happen again, since competitive link building is added to our task. This was the big news that was announced to us. Well, this is better than being transferred to another team. ^_^




Oh well, gonna prepare for my work again.




Until next time! ^_^




PS: Follow me! Thanks! :)





♥ Ayin ♥

Field Work | Daily Prompt: Never Again




I’ll never accept advertising/marketing field work again.



Last November, I want to be an adventurous worker. I applied in an advertising company, and was hired as their independent distributor. My task is to roam around my assigned area and “sell” discounts cards that promote a certain spa or restaurant.




At first, I was loving my job. Field work can open up the various places that I never passed before. I met new people and interacted with different personalities. It’s an avenue to improve my social relations and build my confidence when talking to executives.




But then, I have to end this whole d**n work.




It’s hard to sell the brochures, especially when they assign you on dead spots. I mean, you have less people to talk to and less chance to close a deal. I remember being assigned on residential areas where in the maids and houseboys are left at home.  We stayed in a car wash. Some took me to hospitals and schools. The worst thing is when we’re assigned on a squatters area! Technically, they won’t mind buying discount cards since they won’t visit them in the first place.



Since I have no sales for days, I can’t receive any salary, too. NO COMMISSIONS. And I have to spend for the next day of work. So, my savings are all spent. :( *sigh*



I was left with no choice. I went back to Bicol and stayed there while I have no work. It was sad that I ended empty-handed on a work that I thought can offer me a greener pasture.



And now that I’m over it, I promised that I’ll clarify everything from a field work before I accept it again. I have to consider expenses over salary. I have to rethink if I can do the work properly and if it could really benefit me.




But for now, NO TO FIELD WORK!



In response to Daily Prompt: Never Again.





♥ Ayin ♥

Being a Huntress | Origin Story

I started my blog with one thing in my mind: to have a new home and new colleagues. New home for my emotions, experiences and literary attempts. New colleagues that I’ll meet and share stories with.



When I worked at ERI, my work focused on blogs. Honestly, this company introduced me to the blogging industry. And I’m really thankful for that. Now that I had the chance to make a free blog and start writing, I take every opportunity to update this.



Being a Huntress describes how a young lady deals with life and it’s circumstances. How she lived in prose and poetry. How she passed every trial and how she faced the consequences of her decisions. This blog speaks of sorrow, happiness and triumph.



Since I’m just new to blogging, and new to WP, I’m pretty sure that I still have lots of things to discover and lots of topics to post. I’m sure there’ll be lots of emotions that will be incorporated in my posts, and lots of lessons to be learned.



At this moment, I am happy to have few followers. Hooray to my 40 followers! Haha! Thanks for following, guys! ^_^ And for appreciating some of my works.



For those who ‘like’ my posts, especially those who pingback them, thanks so much. I’ll try to make my next posts more interesting and worth reading, so that your visit to my page will not be a waste of time.



I still have so much to learn, in life and in blogging, but I know those lessons will make me a better person and a better writer.



And yeah, thanks to Daily Post for their best topics that initiate me to write everyday! Kudos, guys!



In response to Daily Prompt: Origin Story.

Hello, August!

July said goodbye. It’s time to say “Hello!” to August!



The previous month gave me a roller coaster of emotions. Happy thoughts. Depressing situations. Overwhelming revelations. Scary scenes. Everything! I can conclude that July was one of the months that I totally enjoyed. Super enjoyed!



Now that I have to face a new month, I’m sure I’m more stronger than before. I can decide for myself, and face the consequence of that decision. This is the last month before the BER months….. so I’m hoping everything will be OK.



What will happen on August? Hmm.. Here’s what I expect:

BIG NEWS for the OWL Team (and I’m kinda tensed about this “changes”)
— My father’s birthday
Our 3rd Anniversary
— Moving out of the present apartment and moving in a better one. ♥
— My best friends birthday (Juvy Lynn and Mark Lester)
— My sister’s debut


Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll have various posts regarding those events, especially my sister’s debut! Oh well! I am too excited to go back to theprovince and have a break from the crowded city.


I guess August saved some best things for me.


I’ll keep this blog updated so that I can also share my experiences. They might help you in your struggles too! ^_^





♥ Ayin ♥

p.s: I’m not gonna use that LONELY HUNTRESS signature anymore. So please bear in mind that Ayin and LH is just the same person. Well, you can still see my profile as LH, ’cause I don’t want to reveal my real name! ^_^