Hello, August!

July said goodbye. It’s time to say “Hello!” to August!



The previous month gave me a roller coaster of emotions. Happy thoughts. Depressing situations. Overwhelming revelations. Scary scenes. Everything! I can conclude that July was one of the months that I totally enjoyed. Super enjoyed!



Now that I have to face a new month, I’m sure I’m more stronger than before. I can decide for myself, and face the consequence of that decision. This is the last month before the BER months….. so I’m hoping everything will be OK.



What will happen on August? Hmm.. Here’s what I expect:

BIG NEWS for the OWL Team (and I’m kinda tensed about this “changes”)
— My father’s birthday
Our 3rd Anniversary
— Moving out of the present apartment and moving in a better one. ♥
— My best friends birthday (Juvy Lynn and Mark Lester)
— My sister’s debut


Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll have various posts regarding those events, especially my sister’s debut! Oh well! I am too excited to go back to theprovince and have a break from the crowded city.


I guess August saved some best things for me.


I’ll keep this blog updated so that I can also share my experiences. They might help you in your struggles too! ^_^





♥ Ayin ♥

p.s: I’m not gonna use that LONELY HUNTRESS signature anymore. So please bear in mind that Ayin and LH is just the same person. Well, you can still see my profile as LH, ’cause I don’t want to reveal my real name! ^_^


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