Being a Huntress | Origin Story

I started my blog with one thing in my mind: to have a new home and new colleagues. New home for my emotions, experiences and literary attempts. New colleagues that I’ll meet and share stories with.



When I worked at ERI, my work focused on blogs. Honestly, this company introduced me to the blogging industry. And I’m really thankful for that. Now that I had the chance to make a free blog and start writing, I take every opportunity to update this.



Being a Huntress describes how a young lady deals with life and it’s circumstances. How she lived in prose and poetry. How she passed every trial and how she faced the consequences of her decisions. This blog speaks of sorrow, happiness and triumph.



Since I’m just new to blogging, and new to WP, I’m pretty sure that I still have lots of things to discover and lots of topics to post. I’m sure there’ll be lots of emotions that will be incorporated in my posts, and lots of lessons to be learned.



At this moment, I am happy to have few followers. Hooray to my 40 followers! Haha! Thanks for following, guys! ^_^ And for appreciating some of my works.



For those who ‘like’ my posts, especially those who pingback them, thanks so much. I’ll try to make my next posts more interesting and worth reading, so that your visit to my page will not be a waste of time.



I still have so much to learn, in life and in blogging, but I know those lessons will make me a better person and a better writer.



And yeah, thanks to Daily Post for their best topics that initiate me to write everyday! Kudos, guys!



In response to Daily Prompt: Origin Story.


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