Field Work | Daily Prompt: Never Again




I’ll never accept advertising/marketing field work again.



Last November, I want to be an adventurous worker. I applied in an advertising company, and was hired as their independent distributor. My task is to roam around my assigned area and “sell” discounts cards that promote a certain spa or restaurant.




At first, I was loving my job. Field work can open up the various places that I never passed before. I met new people and interacted with different personalities. It’s an avenue to improve my social relations and build my confidence when talking to executives.




But then, I have to end this whole d**n work.




It’s hard to sell the brochures, especially when they assign you on dead spots. I mean, you have less people to talk to and less chance to close a deal. I remember being assigned on residential areas where in the maids and houseboys are left at home.  We stayed in a car wash. Some took me to hospitals and schools. The worst thing is when we’re assigned on a squatters area! Technically, they won’t mind buying discount cards since they won’t visit them in the first place.



Since I have no sales for days, I can’t receive any salary, too. NO COMMISSIONS. And I have to spend for the next day of work. So, my savings are all spent. :( *sigh*



I was left with no choice. I went back to Bicol and stayed there while I have no work. It was sad that I ended empty-handed on a work that I thought can offer me a greener pasture.



And now that I’m over it, I promised that I’ll clarify everything from a field work before I accept it again. I have to consider expenses over salary. I have to rethink if I can do the work properly and if it could really benefit me.




But for now, NO TO FIELD WORK!



In response to Daily Prompt: Never Again.





♥ Ayin ♥


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