Boredom | Daily Prompt: (YAWN)

What bores you?




Staying at the office without workload.


At first, you’ll enjoy it. I can update my blogs. I can search for lyrics that I want. I can chat with my friends. But then, when I lack things to do, I get bored.



It’s a good chance to stay at the office and search for things about my work. But then again, it’s hard to apply its concepts without hands on. So, I get bored when I read theories on the internet, without actual application.





I guess this boring moments won’t happen again, since competitive link building is added to our task. This was the big news that was announced to us. Well, this is better than being transferred to another team. ^_^




Oh well, gonna prepare for my work again.




Until next time! ^_^




PS: Follow me! Thanks! :)





♥ Ayin ♥


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