Words don’t come easy.

It happens to me all the time, and it’s hard to finish your desired article because of this. Well, I have to pause, think, and gather my thoughts again. However, when you’re thinking about deadlines, you’ll get cracked up. You’ll panic. There are times that you’ll end up with a non-sense piece… or something that’s not related to what you want to write.

They call it mental block. For me, it’s writer’s block. And it annoys me a lot. There are times that I want to finish a story, but then it seems that my thoughts have been disoriented. I don’t have anything to write. Crazy, right? However, we have to deal with it. It’s a kind of challenge by the way.

At this moment, I want my anger to be put into words. However, I don’t know how to. I guess there are times that you need to be silent so that you won’t create any commotion. You won’t create the tension. Most importantly, you won’t mess up everything.






Now I don’t have anything to say again.




But I have too many things to share.


We haven’t celebrated our anniversary yet, though five days already passed. We’re too busy. Our schedules still haven’t met. I hope we can have some spare time. :)




I have a new home. This is the third time that I moved in and I hope this could be the last. It’s hard to transport all my things – my clothes, kitchen wares and beloved electric fan. They’re safe at their place now and they must stay there. Hopefully..

I want a handful of chocolates! Hahaha! I hope I can buy some in the next days. ♥




I also finished reading Dan Brown’s Inferno. It’s a great book! Yehey! :)




I have to read another book now.
My friend suggested “If I Stay” by Gayle Forman..







♥ Ayin ♥


5 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. I can completely agree with the writers block point! its the most annoying thing in the world! I have been struggling with a plot for my novel ‘Ghost Watching’ for months now. I got to chapter seven and became completely stuck in the mud. No imagination, no words… Nothing! This went on for months and months, then today! it all came to me. So I jotted down some points., fired up my lap top… And guess what? I couldn’t write! My mind was blank! lol.

    Anyway I have rambled on enough, great posts with great points! :)


  2. Me too! And of course I would. I would be honored if you read it. At the moment I am looking for honest feed back, most will just like or say nice! So some honest feed back would be greatly appreciated. So if you have any spare time on your hands, then do pop along and tell me what you think. I will always return any spare time given. Just let me know. Nice chatting and hopefuly, speak soon. :)


  3. Hey, no worries! Whenever you have time. And im already following you, I think I done that a while back? -by the way, I love your narrative voice, its unique! :)


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