Movie Review: Evil Dead

NOTE: This is a long, overdue post due to a very busy schedule. I drafted three post, but I’m not sure if I can finish them today. Haha! I hope I can.


Anyway, I’m not really a fan of horror movies. However, this film caught my attention. I honestly watch thriller movies sometimes, but not when I’m alone in an isolated bedroom. Well, another first for Lonely Huntress.
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Plot (c/o Wikipedia):

After being captured in the woods, an injured girl (Phoenix Connolly) is restrained in a basement with many people present. Upon revealing she is demonically possessed, her father, Harold (Jim McLarty), sets her on fire and shoots her dead.



Some time later, Mia (Jane Levy), her brother David (Shiloh Fernandez), their friends Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci), and Olivia (Jessica Lucas), and David’s girlfriend, Natalie (Elizabeth Blackmore), arrive at an old, remote cabin in the woods where they plan to help Mia recover from heroin addiction. A foul stench leads them to the cellar, where they discover rotting animal corpses, a double-barreled shotgun and a book titled Naturom Demonto, a Sumerian variation of the Book of the Dead. Ignoring warnings scrawled on the book’s pages, Eric reads a passage aloud, summoning a demon who plans to posses Mia.



Terrified, Mia pleads to leave, but the group refuses, believing she’s suffering from withdrawal. She takes the group’s station wagon and heads out on her own, but a sudden apparition of the girl from the prologue startles Mia, causing her to steer into a flooded ditch which disables the car. Returning to the cabin on foot, she gets entangled in a cluster of vines that become animate and rape her. Mia makes it back to the cabin, visibly shaken, and tells David that whatever attacked her in the woods is in the cabin with them, but he doesn’t believe her. Shortly afterward, David walks in on her scalding herself in the shower, which Eric recognizes is prophesied in the book. David takes his Jeep to drive her to a hospital, but flood waters block the road. After returning to the cabin, the now fully possessed Mia attacks both Olivia and David before passing out. The group locks her in the cellar to contain her.



The demon then possesses Olivia, forcing her to mutilate her face with broken shards of the bathroom mirror and attack Eric, who kills her in the ensuing struggle. While David tends to Eric’s wounds in a shed next to the cabin, a crying Mia lures Natalie into the cellar, taunts her and bites her hand before Natalie flees back upstairs. Eric does some research in the book, and learns that it prophesies a demon called the Taker of Souls will consume five souls, unleashing a being called the Abomination. Meanwhile in the kitchen, the demonic bite is causing Natalie’s arm to rot away, leading her to sever it with an electric knife. David and Eric return and tend to Natalie’s wounds, then discuss their next move. Eric explains that Mia must be “purified” via burning, live burial or dismemberment. Suddenly, a possessed Natalie attacks them with a nail gun and a crowbar. David blows off Natalie’s other arm with the shotgun, and the demon leaves her body as she bleeds to death.



Coming up with a plan, David and Eric enter the cellar and are attacked by Mia, who heavily injures Eric before David knocks her unconscious with tranquilizers. He then takes her outside and buries her alive in a shallow grave next to the cabin. After she dies, he digs her up and uses an improvised defibrillator to revive her; the demon has been exorcised and she is human again, with no memory of being possessed. Returning to the cabin to get the keys to his Jeep, David is attacked by Eric, who is now possessed. David locks Mia out of the cabin, engaging Eric by himself. Eric taunts David about the Abomination’s imminent arrival. David responds by using the shotgun to ignite a nearby gasoline can, engulfing the cabin in flames and killing them both.

Since five souls have now technically been taken, the prophecy has been fulfilled. Blood rains from the sky as the Abomination is summoned, crawling out of the ground and chasing Mia. After a protracted showdown, Mia manages to kill the Abomination by splitting it in half it with a chainsaw. The blood rain stops and a shell-shocked Mia walks away into the forest. The Naturom Demonto lies on the ground nearby, unscathed by the cabin fire.


I. Characters (rating – 9)
They’re great actors. I can feel the exact emotion in their facial expressions, especially when Olivia was in the bathroom – the scene before she cut her face with a broken glass. Her fear was really shown. Same with Eric, as he kill Olivia.

Overall, they can send shivers to my spine by their acting. You can probably feel you’re with them in that cabin. Good job on the cast!


II. Setting and Special Effects (Perfect 10)

Totally creepy! Though most of the movies that I saw are really in forests and old structures, they’ve made the most out of the vicinity. I love the fact that they kept the light open. I was able to see the oh-so-disgusting scene when Natalie cut her arm. Flickering lights were present, but not on highlight scenes. I mean, not on the scenes that could scare the hell out of you!




III. Storyline

This is said to be a fourth installment of the Evil Dead franchise, and I really want to watch the other three. (I wonder if Mr. Youtube can provide me copies.)


I like to highlight some of the best thoughts that I love about this movie:

First: Mia’s decision to quit taking heroin.
We all know that prohibited drugs can’t do anything good to our body. We could see the adverse effects as they manifested in Mia’s acts in the first part of the movie. This includes the way she moves, and the way she looked like.

Second: When David kept her promise.
I can’t forget their conversation. Mia asked his brother to stay with her until the end. And he did. Even until the end, he managed to stay with her, even if he has to pass the challenge in hard way.

Third: True friends will stay together, no matter what.
You can see how Olivia and Eric supported the siblings in their down times. Though they’re kinds disappointed ’cause David’s gone for a long time. Until the end of their lives, their friendship was still seen. Though discreetly, you can see that they value their friendship above all else.

I’m not really sure if witchcraft do exist, but I’m sure that evil is around us. Take heart, believe in the power of goodwill, and have faith in God. We’ll be able to win over any evil deeds once we have goodness in our hearts and the courage to get over it.


Final Rating: 9


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