Movie Review: The Impossible

This is a movie released in 2012, but I just saw it about a month ago. I told you, I’m not really a movie fanatic. I just lived with somebody who loves watching movies. Hmm.. some kind of influence, ehh?  :)

Plot (c/o Wikipedia)


English physician Maria Bennet (Watts), her Scottish husband Henry (McGregor) and their sons Lucas (Tom Holland), Thomas (Samuel Joslin), and Simon (Oakley Pendergrast) were on Christmas holiday in Khao Lak, Thailand, in 2004. The tsunami triggered by that year’s Indian Ocean earthquake flooded the area with overwhelming destructive power.



Maria and Lucas were swept away from the others by the tsunami and barely survive; Maria was severely injured, but they found a displaced toddler named Daniel in the wreckage. They were later found by locals who transferred them to a local hospital where Maria encouraged Lucas to occupy himself assisting in any way he can, which led to him searching for various strangers for their relatives at the facility. Due to a mix-up, the hospital staff believed she has died and took Lucas to a tent where children without families were being held. Maria has surgery on her injured chest and was mistakenly labeled as someone else. She was eventually reunited with Lucas but remained in a highly fragile medical state waiting to be deemed fit for further surgery on her leg wound.


Elsewhere, Henry, Thomas, and Simon have survived the tsunami themselves together, although the father was injured. Henry placed the children into a vehicle supposed to take tourists to a safe place while he remained behind to search for Maria and Lucas. Ultimately further injured while failing to find them, he arrived at the evacuation point, only to discover that Thomas and Simon have been sent elsewhere. Communication facilities were scarce, but a tourist named Karl, who was also separated from his family by the tsunami, lent Henry his cell phone to contact his relatives and volunteers to accompany Henry to look for Maria and Lucas.


Henry and Karl searched for their families in various places before they arrived at the hospital where Maria and Lucas are. The vehicle carrying Thomas and Simon stopped outside the hospital; the family eventually reunited. Maria has surgery which she survived, and the following day the family boarded an ambulance airplane to Singapore arranged by their insurance company for further treatment for Maria.


I  guess I can’t say much about this movie. I just can’t help but cry as I sympathize with Lucas. He’s too young to experience the trauma. I admire his strength and his courage to survive with his mother. I know I’ll do the same if I have to save my mom, but I don’t exactly know if I can manage to remain sane after all that happened to me.



I can understand why Maria decided to give up on some point, but amazed on how she managed to fight the pain and the fear. Though she faced severe injury, she fought for her life, especially when she saw her family whole again.

Henry’s effort to look for his family was also commended. He never gave up, though he has the chance to do so.

Though the situation is really heartbreaking, I so adore the very cute Simon.You can say he’s not fully aware of what’s happening, but you can see how happy ha was when he was reunited with her brother Lucas.

The casting is nice, though I haven’t seen much effort in the father’s character and I guess that’s because Lucas’ experience was prioritized. I can’t imagine how they managed to gather all those people together in the evacuation center for the shoot. However, I commend the cast for giving their best emotions on the movie. Their facial expressions are splendid, especially Tom Holland (Lucas).







For those who are thinking life is so unfair and they’re not blessed, watch this movie again and again until you realize you’re being loved and treasured. Look at those corpse lying on the ground, almost unrecognized. Glance at those damaged properties. You’re lucky you’re still breathing, still have a nice house to stay, and a family who supports you in all your adversaries.


Hope should always be in our hearts. The Bennet family is one of the living testimonies that we should take heart and face life’s challenges. It’s better to learn and enjoy life as we answer our life’s puzzles, than to stay on our comfort zones and do nothing.







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