My Sister’s 18th Birthday



As my mind enjoys her vacation, I’ll be updating you with one of the best days that just passed. YEah, yeah! The title already mentioned it – my sister’s 18th birthday!


I am so glad and thankful to my supervisors for letting me travel to Bicol without considering me as a chronic absentee. I know I must’ve been responsible for my attendance since I’ve already made my plans, but my migraine is really inevitable. It comes on very unusual and unwanted times. Sigh. Anyway, at least I was able to organize the party for my sister, just in time for the celebration. ^_^ Thanks again!


To start off, we really had less time to prepare for everything. The backdrop isn’t finished. No program. No plans for the dance. It was already 2:00 pm when my cousin (Marjorie) came to our house and ask me about the program. Well, first things first. We rushed to the store to buy materials for the backdrop and readily started it. Good thing Jenaz, my other cousin was willing to help, though she’s sick.


This is Jastine while finishing the “backdrop”


While they’re working on it, my sister and her classmates (visitors) already came to the house. Being a busy bee again, I was in-charge of serving them. Well, a little bit of serving them. Hehe! Unfortunately, our secret was revealed when my sister went to the other kitchen to get the utensils.
I want to thank my sister’s classmates who volunteered to be part of her 18 candles. I don’t know any of them, but then again, THANKS!



Thanks to Mexanne too! She’s a friend who just went there to give her gift, but then willingly joined the fun during the 18 candles.


Well, for the main event: The 18 roses! I won’t say more. Enjoy the photos!


My father and the celebrant

My sister’s super supportive boyfriend. He’s inc-charge of too many things too. Haha! Thanks, Ralph!


UPDATE: i just noticed that we had 16 guys – including my dad. I wonder how the number of roses end to 18. Hmmm..


Family pictures:



til next time!







♥ Ayin



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