Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

There are lots of ways to celebrate a good news. Me? I celebrate in so many ways!


1. Eating

That’s why I’m chubby. LOL! If I have enough money, I pamper myself a little by eating at my favorite pizzeria or my choice of fine-dining restaurant. If don’t have enough budget, I just buy large fries from McDonalds, or a Lychee Milk Tea from Chatime, or a Chocolate Crumble shake from Zagu, or a beef lasagna from 7-11.



2. Hang out with friends

Well, we usually get some drinks and talk about anything under the sun.. Sometimes, we watch movie, or just take unlimited photos of ourselves. We just want to enjoy those rare opportunity to be with each other. The bad thing is, we usually end the day/night being tipsy and dizzy and HAPPY!




Yes. Sleep. if not in the mood to go shopping, or eating, or anything else, I just lay in my bed and sleep. Working at night and sleeping during daytime exhausts me so much. This is the right time for me to take back those deprived sleep. I guess it’s helpful for my eyes. ^_^



Can’t post photos for now.
I hope I can update more posts in the next days.


P.S: Blogging is another form of celebrating! ^_^




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