Six Days of Torment | Day 4


I don’t want to reach the 31st of October, but I have to face the fact that it’s coming faster and faster. As everyone is excited about the upcoming holidays, I also want to finish all this fucking problems as soon as possible.

What’s more confusing, you said you love me. Again. After so long, you reminded me that you DO love me. How will I ever believe you if I can’t see any action to prove it? I mean, I can still feel that awkward thingy between us.

I almost cried after knowing you still love me. I don’t know. It confused me. I always find it hard to think that I have to let you go. What more after what you’ve said? How will I face you at the end of the month? How can I say I’m setting you free when you’re telling me you never want to let go?



Its been a while. I wonder if you can please work this out with me. It’ll be easier to decide if I knew that you’re 100 percent with me to make our lives easier. Honestly, I don’t know if I can move on with my life without you, but I’m sure I can do it. You’ve been enjoying your life without me by your side, and I’m sure, in time, I can do the same.




I’ve seen this quote while I was browsing for picture quotes today. If you like me, tell me. If you miss me, show it. If you love me, prove it.



I’ll just think about this three things as I wait for you to come and see me. Until the 31st of the month, sweetie.



Until then..













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