Let’s just take a break from all those emotional torture that I’ve been facing. For now, I want to feature the special persons who helped me realize that my life isn’t over after he left. ^_^


Bestfriends day


I noticed the hashtag #nationalbestfriendday and it’s trending in the Philippines for quite an hour now. So I guess a tweet isn’t enough to thank my dearest best of friends for all their efforts then and now.



First off, the girl I already featured in my previous post. My best friend who’s a very busy mom, but never failed to give time to all my dramas in life.




If I’m not mistaken, we’ve met inside TCATR. We’re not that close. We just knew each other. We just started to talk much when she asked me about a certain guy. Yeah, girls love to stalk and talk about their crushes, right? It was the beginning of our friendship that lasted this long and strong.




We’ve learned to pass many trials together. All those school adventures. Those heart breaks. Those negative feelings. We’ve been together for three years now, and I’m sure we’ll have to share our lives longer than we expected. She might have problems with my attitude, especially being a hard-headed lady, but I’m sure her love for me can allow her to stay with me until my very last breath.

Next? My other girl friend.. Llana. I don’t have her picture by this time, so I can’t post it here.

Anyway, I met her when I was still in high school. Third year college, probably. We also met in TCATR and talked about my first boyfriend. I never expected that he was her first love. Or the other way around, I guess.

She was one bubbly lady. She always get mad when I made something accidentally wrong. I mean, the intention was right, so I want to insist that what I’ve done is just right. Moreover, she’s one of those few ladies who never, EVER, tolerate my feelings and flirtatious attempts to somebody who’s not for me. or I guess somebody who they think isn’t for me. hehe!


Lastly, my only guy best friend, Bhestie Moi. Well, he’s the only guy I consider bhestie. heheh! He’s not the only guy closest to my heart, but he’s just my best friend. Nothing more. Nothing less.




He’s one of the most annoying person I’ve ever met. Yet, I can’t imagine that sometime in my life, I hoped he was mine. (That was so long ago. When we’re still in 3rd year high school.)




Though he’s busy with his internship, he was still spending some time to ask me if I’m ok. If I’m doing good. If my heart is still beating. :) Yes, it’s still beating. But then, just for myself.


Thanks to you guys!
It’s best friend’s day..
Your day..
I love you people!
Thanks a lot!





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