Hello November!


It’s November once again! Halloween parties are over and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to Christmas vacations. Well, I really want to take one step at a time. So I guess I’ll deal with one problem first. HIM.




It’s really so confusing. As in everything turns upside down. He called early this morning, just to tell me about his schedule. Just to say good morning. It’s kinda shocking and unusual, especially after the day I walked away. Usually, I’m the one who calls. And most of the time, he’s not answering them.




This made everything more CONFUSING. As in, I can’t decide if I’m still going to pursue my plans to end this relationship. I don’t know if he’s trying to fix everything between us. I just hope I won’t ever cry again. I JUST hope..




Anyway, November will be a start of something new. I’ll have my new room today. (YEhey!) Start living for myself again. Hahahahah!




Though I can already feel that it’s kinda hard to start all over again.. I’m sure I can pass this.. with God’s guidance and provision.




PS: I had the chance to have a picture with two controversial guys of my Life… The Edwards. hahahaha You guys completed my Halloween!


Me and Edward Lyndon M. Madali a.k.a R of Warm Bodies.. :)


Me and Mr. Edward Reyes



Til next time.. :)







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