Month: December 2013

Happy Birthday!!!!

Dearest sweetie daddy Wekie..


You might be wondering why you’re still the subject of my post. I should be leaving you alone. I should be forgetting you by now. But NO. I never want to do that. I won’t let go of all the sacrifices that I had for you. This is just a simple test that we can pass. We have endured a lot together, and I know we can survive this together.



Enough of the drama!!! It’s your birthday!
I wish you all the best ’cause you absolutely deserve it. You’re the most romantic guy every girl will dream of. You’re one of the most responsible and loving son who’ll be your family’s pride. You’re simply doing your best in all that you do, and I’m pretty sure your rewards in the next days will be for your pleasure.


I know your plans, your dreams, and your visions. I really hope you’ll be able to reach all of them. I want to see you happy, even if that means I’m out of your life. I love you so much and that will never change. I’ll never leave you again, and I’ll do everything for you to believe in us again. I hope you’ll be able to find our dreams in your heart again. I love you.. and I still believe that you love me too.





See yah later..
..with your melted cake. ♥




Happy birthday sweetie!




Mommy Ai.


Latest! Latest! Latest!


Its been so long. I’ve been out of my WordPress blog to focus on work-related stuff and reading books. Since we’re just waiting for five o’clock to come, I have four hours to wrap up some things that I want to share with my followers.


My December isn’t passing the way it’s supposed to be. My relationship issues, budget complications, and canceled trips are making me so sick! Everything is out of my control, and I really want to realize the plans that I’ve made since November.




First: Relationship Issues



I know I’ve been nagging about this for almost two months, but honestly, I can’t decide. I want to end the relationship and give him time to ponder on things between us, but my heart can’t let go of my belief that he’s not gonna hurt me. (Though I already know that he IS hurting me now.) I can see myself in this misogynistic relationship and I don’t know how to make him understand that we have to change our views. I don’t even know his issues about me. He refuses to talk to me. He won’t come to our scheduled meetings. What will I have to think? I was asking for his proper closure, but he’s telling me that we can start all over again. I’m exhausted you know. I already accepted the fact that we are never getting back together. It’s just that I need closure. Clarity. Just fir the sake of the three years of unconditional love and loyalty that I’ve given him for the past years. Just for the sake of respect. For the sake of love. For the sake of dignity…




Second: Budget complications resulting to canceled trips


I’m glad to receive my FIRST 13th month pay since it was beyond what I expected. However, due to the line of plans that I have, I saw that I was still out of budget. I want to please my parents even this holiday season so I have to sacrifice watching The Hobbit, going to Enchanted Kingdom, and buying my Android tablet. I’m just glad that I won’t compromise my budget for my books. ^_^ Well, I do hope and pray that my backpay will be given to me next week. I’m sure that amount can be so helpful in adjusting my plans for 2014.




Third: Death


My best friend’s mom passed away last December 12 due to breast cancer. I’m not really shocked when I heard the news. We’re all expecting it sooner or later. We never wanted to see her suffering from pain. I felt bad. She was like a mother to me for quite some time. She was always making me feel at home every time I come to visit my friend. They never made me feel like a visitor. I was always a part of their family. I can also feel the sadness her children can feel. I wanna see her for the last time, but unfortunately, my schedule won’t permit me at all. The only thing that makes me feel happy is the fact that she was a believer of God. I’m sure that she’d done her mission on Earth that’s why God send him back to heaven. I know it will be hard for her kids, but they all know, we all know, that she’s already in peace.



Whew! Lots of things to rant, eh?


Anyway, there are still lots of good news out there. I guess they’re just reserved for the coming year. Hehe! Just kidding. I’m still thankful for lots of things which are happening in my life.


First: Company’s Christmas Carnival

happy business people

Yehey! This is also my first company Christmas party, and we’re celebrating it with a carnival theme! It will happen today at CCP. I don’t know the exact location of the venue, but I’m hoping the activities would be fun. I’m soooo excited to see my crush on stage as he plays the electric guitar. I have some time to forget my relationship issues and look at somebody who’d inspire me to hope for the best. (As they say, love comes and goes. Since you don’t know when it will come, you should also expect that it has to go sometime.) WHATEVER! My point is, I have four hours to have fun and forget about those bitchy girls roaming about my fiance. I can disregard all those fucking games he’s been playing on me. And I’ll have the chance to be merry! Even just for four hours. Four short hours. ♥


Second: Companions


I will never forget (and will never stop) thanking those people who never gave up on me. My best friends. My co-workers. GUYS, YOU’RE SOOOO AWESOME! They’re always there to listen to my sober heart. They’re always there to listen to every word I say, whether it has sense or the other way around. Thank you so much guys. Thank you so much!

This actually includes the people who follow my blog and read my posts. Thank you guys for making me feel appreciated. Your likes and follows gave me the reason to continue writing. At some point, you’re the reason why I’m not deleting my blogs. This is where I belong. I belong to literature.



THAT’S ALL for today!


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My FB is a new account actually, and I want my WP followers to check it out too. You know, I need someone to talk to. ♥


Gotta go for now.. Will be posting some restaurant reviews in a moment. Just give me some time.



Laters baby!… ♥






Status: It’s Complicated

Well, this is not about a movie review. Hehe! This is again some rantings about my love life’s misadventures. I guess my readers are kinda annoyed by how we juxtaposed from being the most romantic couple in the world to the most hated people of the universe. I can’t so anything about it. It’s hard to deal and to let go of misogynistic people. If I were a boy, I can call myself a misogynistic person, too.


It’s the start of December so I was hoping we can start all over again. No more other women involved. No more trust issues. No more loyalty failures. But then again, he just wants me to let him do what he wants. He just want me to allow him entertain those flirty girls who come his way. That’s too unfair, right? I like him to understand that our commitment is good for two persons only – just him and me. But I guess I still have to collect lots of word for him to understand what I was saying. What I really want.



On the other hand, this situation is really making me realize that I’m just a nobody to him. He’s not treating me like his wife anymore. I’m just somebody that he has to text if he want to. He’ll just go home when he don’t have anything to do. I’m just a pretty damn option. I’m just a stupid somebody that he can run to when he’s also pissed of with that other girls.



And I’m fucking crazy to accept him every time he comes to me. I can still remember that fucking Wednesday when he came to my house like nothing ever happened. It’s like he didn’t break up with me the other week. And last night, he sent me those breaking up lines again, and this morning he’s acting like my boyfriend again.



I know this situation will get worse and worse as the day passed, and I don’t really understand how to deal with it. I’ve been loving him so much that it’s hard for me to let go. However, I just can’t understand why he can sleep soundly at night when in fact we’re having troubles.



He’s the most romantic man in today.



And a man-whore tomorrow.



I don’t know what to do now.



I guess I’ll just step away..




and I hope he’ll just let me.




I hope.