Status: It’s Complicated

Well, this is not about a movie review. Hehe! This is again some rantings about my love life’s misadventures. I guess my readers are kinda annoyed by how we juxtaposed from being the most romantic couple in the world to the most hated people of the universe. I can’t so anything about it. It’s hard to deal and to let go of misogynistic people. If I were a boy, I can call myself a misogynistic person, too.


It’s the start of December so I was hoping we can start all over again. No more other women involved. No more trust issues. No more loyalty failures. But then again, he just wants me to let him do what he wants. He just want me to allow him entertain those flirty girls who come his way. That’s too unfair, right? I like him to understand that our commitment is good for two persons only – just him and me. But I guess I still have to collect lots of word for him to understand what I was saying. What I really want.



On the other hand, this situation is really making me realize that I’m just a nobody to him. He’s not treating me like his wife anymore. I’m just somebody that he has to text if he want to. He’ll just go home when he don’t have anything to do. I’m just a pretty damn option. I’m just a stupid somebody that he can run to when he’s also pissed of with that other girls.



And I’m fucking crazy to accept him every time he comes to me. I can still remember that fucking Wednesday when he came to my house like nothing ever happened. It’s like he didn’t break up with me the other week. And last night, he sent me those breaking up lines again, and this morning he’s acting like my boyfriend again.



I know this situation will get worse and worse as the day passed, and I don’t really understand how to deal with it. I’ve been loving him so much that it’s hard for me to let go. However, I just can’t understand why he can sleep soundly at night when in fact we’re having troubles.



He’s the most romantic man in today.



And a man-whore tomorrow.



I don’t know what to do now.



I guess I’ll just step away..




and I hope he’ll just let me.




I hope.







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