Happy Birthday!!!!

Dearest sweetie daddy Wekie..


You might be wondering why you’re still the subject of my post. I should be leaving you alone. I should be forgetting you by now. But NO. I never want to do that. I won’t let go of all the sacrifices that I had for you. This is just a simple test that we can pass. We have endured a lot together, and I know we can survive this together.



Enough of the drama!!! It’s your birthday!
I wish you all the best ’cause you absolutely deserve it. You’re the most romantic guy every girl will dream of. You’re one of the most responsible and loving son who’ll be your family’s pride. You’re simply doing your best in all that you do, and I’m pretty sure your rewards in the next days will be for your pleasure.


I know your plans, your dreams, and your visions. I really hope you’ll be able to reach all of them. I want to see you happy, even if that means I’m out of your life. I love you so much and that will never change. I’ll never leave you again, and I’ll do everything for you to believe in us again. I hope you’ll be able to find our dreams in your heart again. I love you.. and I still believe that you love me too.





See yah later..
..with your melted cake. ♥




Happy birthday sweetie!




Mommy Ai.


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