Adios 2013!



I know this post is 8-days late, but I guess it’s better than no post at all. Hehe! 2013 is one colorful year, and I really want to share some memorable things that I’ll forever treasure.

I got my first writing job last year! *Cheers for that!* I never thought I’ll be in an SEO company since it’s very, very far from my field of study. Well, I have to admit that being a link placement writer is indeed a challenge and an avenue for learning. I’m glad to work with passionate writers, friendly team leaders, and fun officemates. I’m sure I’ll be celebrating my first anniversary in this company this February. And I really wish there’s a chance of career enhancement for me… as they’ve promised a year ago.. :)


I started blogging this year! *Yehey! Yehey!* Though this public diary gave me some headaches for the past months, I’m still happy to receive compliments, comments, and followers. I wish I can post more sensible and important matters this 2014. Well, I want to pursue posts about travelling… Please pray that I’ll do this! :)



If you’ve been reading my previous post, you probably remember that I faced a devastating downfall in my love life. I lost somebody who promised to stay with me forever. I’ve been hurt and been nroken, but my hopes are still up.

I am grateful to met somebody like him – the one who has given me the courage a strange world. Without the challenges that I faced for him, I’m sure I’m still the weak lady who don’t know how to fight for her rights. I know I’m ready to face the new year with desires to be a better person for the right man who’ll spend the rest of his life with me. Well, in the right time.

Lemme share my favorite photos from 2013. There were lots of them, and I hope you can also feel how thankful I am that these special moments are documented. :)





I hope I’ll gain more followers and talk to other bloggers as the days pass.



Enjoy the photos! :))))


Halloween Party at the office! This is the one and only chance to have a picture with him… hehe once in a lifetime. :) most memorable. hahah :) must be shared all the time. :)
Who would’ve thought that this young man will exactly look like Nicholas Hoult? Hehe! Thanks to his make up artist! You’ve done great job guys. :)
Jack the Giant Slayer
Speaking of Nicholas Hoult.. I noticed his cute face in this movie. hehehe watched this movie when I was staying at my ex-bf’s house.. just forgot the exact date. :)
one of the most scary movies that I watched this year! I haven’t posted the review about The Conjuring, but I enjoyed that movie as well. :)
Mutya Resort in Laguna! Reminds me of the fun of traveling with my workmates.. Our team building last June 22, 2013.. hope it will happen again.. and when he got wasted, I’ll make sure I’ll be there to laugh at his acts. hahaha Just kidding! :)
and the fun of the team building was ruined by the thief who broke in my room when we’re not around. sad memories.. :( hope it will never happen again.
Another great movie that I’ve seen.. Watched it during my birthday celebration, adn I’ll never get tired of watching again and again. :)
presenting, my blogs featured image! hahaha! The huntress.. :)


Office Party.. hahaha with the Malditas.. :)
Have to have my solo shots!! too bad they’re not that good.. :)


I just have to add other movies that I watched this year. I never expected I watched a lot of them, by the way. hahahaha! So, here they are:

Foreign Movies:

– Hunger Games Catching Fire

– The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug

– Iron Man 3

– Fast & Furious 6

– Despicable Me 2

– Frozen

– Monsters University

– Warm Bodies

– The Lone Ranger

–  Olympus Has Fallen

–  The Internship

– We’re the Millers


Local Movies:

–  A Moment in Time

– Must Be Love

– It Takes a Man and A Woman

– Bromance

– Four Sisters and a Wedding

– Tuhog

– She’s the One

– Call Center Girl

– Status: It’s Complicated

– Bakit hindi ka crush ng crush mo?

– Momzillas

– Kung Fu Divas


Restaurants that I visited for the first time:

– The Chicken Rice Shop at Robinsons Manila

– Shakeys Valero Branch

– Congo Grille SM MOA Branch

– Adobo Connection (Haha! Seriously!!!!)

– Itallianis SM MOA Branch


Moreover, I really don’t have a social life.. hahah! But this year, I had the chance to jam with my friends at Bluewave Macapagal. Hmm.. First time that I went to a bar.. I miss watching Fanzy Notes and I hope I can watch them again as soon as possible. :)



I hope the list will be a lot longer this 2014!

Wish me luck. Hehehe! :))))






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