13 Faces for 2013

Before I welcome new people in my life this 2014, I would like to take this opportunity to thank 13 people who influenced me last 2013. They might be somebody I’ve just met or those who never left my side amidst our busy lives. Some of them loved me while others hated me. Some of them gave me challenges and gave me awesome lessons. Again, as 2014 begins, I would like to thank you for being part of my 2013..


P.S: Before I say the first name, I would like to inform you that these photos are grabbed without permission. Hahaha! Sorry my dear friends.. I know you won’t allow me to post this thingy if you knew the real purpose. You might find it korni and waste of time. :))))
Don’t cha worry.. I assured that you’ll have your best shot in each photo! :))


P.S.S: Numbers doesn’t mean any ranking. :))
P.S.S.S: You might wonder why I won’t include my parents, my siblings, or another family member. They’ve been part of my whole life.. and they all knew how thankful I am that they’re part of it. Just a simple post isn’t enough for them. ^_^


Here we are:




#13: Jose Mari Villalva





He already knows why he was somebody to thank for this year. However, I still want to introduce this amazing man. I wonder what he’ll gonna say when he read this post. (If there’s any chance that he will read this.)


I met him last January during my application as a placement writer. We’re both scheduled for interview and he was the first to come. We were chatting and chatting before he was called by the interviewer.


I will never forget those thoughts about the highly-advance N3310.. I was really, really sleepy that time, but was awakened by those jokes that he’s been telling me. We’re really having great time installing high-tech applications to the recent 3310. I wish he’ll be able to fulfill his desire to sell that kind of phone in the future. Go Jose!!! :))


Most memorable thing about him? PRETZEL! Hahaha! He asked me a huge favor after shift. We stayed at Mini Stop (’cause he has to go home at 8 o’clock am and drop by the drugstore) and he bought a box of pretzel for me. Nyay! I’m really looking forward to
eating at Mini Stop with you again, Mr.. :)


One more thing. He’s a great photographer. I’m already considering to get his services for the official photo coverage of my wedding. If he can find some time in his busy schedule. :)))


Well, thanks so much Jose! Thanks for the friendship.. Thanks so much… :)

#12: Jo Hanna Garcia a.k.a Ate Honey




Team Avengers! Yehey! She’s my team leader when I started at my work. I will thank her forever ’cause she assigned the uber handsome Nate to become our trainer. (OUR, meaning Jose’s trainer too.)


When I first saw ‘Team Avengers’, i thought every team names talks about a movie or anything that’s animated. Well, when I transferred to Team Jom, I eventually knew I was wrong. Hehe! I guess Ms. Honey was too overwhelmed with the film that’s why she named it that way. :)) Sadly, Team Avengers is gone. TT___TT


Enough of that bad news… Here are some of the most memorable things I had with Ate Honey:


– Keep your comments concise and straightforward. (She always tell me this. I mean, ALWAYS!)
– “looking forward to”
– “Your trainee can look for great blogs, Nate. How about you?” (I know this is translated.. but I can’t forget the exact words from her. I think she mentioned it thrice when Mr. Nate is still here. Haha!)
– baby talk (She’s the only one who can do that in the team.)
– links about the 50 Shades Movie. (Harhar! She usually updates me about the movie.)
– any link that she found in the internet which she think is amusing, funny, or will motivate us to work harder
– She always think there’s something between Jose and I. Haha! (I know Jose is a great guy, but he’s JUST a friend.)
– She was the first one to guess who the real OH is.. but I refuse to tell her that her guess was definitely right. Hahaha! In the end, she also knew it.. since OH told her about the blog. >.<


I miss her. Really. I miss the only girl in the group who looks great when she baby talks. As far as I know, she’s now working with the morning shift people.. but I don’t see her when I came as early as 6pm. Hmm.. Wherever she is, I’ll always be thankful that she’s part of my 2013. Thanks Ate Honey! :))

#11: Javier Josemaria Asuncion

asuncion, josemaria - edited


He’s special not only because he has a very long name, but ’cause of his shared knowledge as well. He’s my TL from April to September. I can list some important stuff that I learned during his tutorials. Those websites about grammar and composition that he shared for future references. Hmm..


Here are some words which I associate with him. Some of this are already known to him.. I don’t know if he knows that story behind all of them. Hehe! Just don’t ask for the details ’cause I won’t tell you why. :D


– natural curiosity, usi
– “should you…” “should we..”
– “what the”
– “daheck”
– coffee
– dreams
– blue heart
– tsuna
– anime
– scarf
– YoungBlood Hawke
– frog / prince
– May Crush Ako, Ikaw ang Clue
– umbrella and the rain
– Takeshi Yamamoto


.. and many more. I can’t recall all those words that he usually uses while editing my comments. I adopt some of the words he loved to use from time to time, hoping I can get some OK’s from him. Yes, call me trying hard, eh? Hehe! But that’s OK. Him being my editor is a great challenge and a nice way to learn. :))


My friends know some hidden stories about this guy, and my other blog can say how different he is. However, due to some personal reasons, our paths have to part.. I missed all the fun while he’s beside me. Guess I have to say godbye to him this year. hehe! :)

#10: Rioñina V. Ocampo

Ocampo, Rioniña - edited


She was once a very, very, very silent teammate. She seldom speaks, nor reacts to any of the jokes that Nate was saying. She just want to finish what she has to do without even minding those others around her. Honestly, I never expected that she’ll approach me, until that night came. :))


She was my only buddy for a couple of months until the reshuffling was done – again. I guess I was also like her; we don’t want to know other’s business ’cause we think we really don’t have to mind about it. We just want to finish our work assignments and just go
home after the shift. Yes, we smile and greet others, but we don’t talk to them that much.


We also lived at the same house for a month.. only to part ways due to that evil housemate. Hehe! I don’t know if there’ll be another chance that we can stay together again, but I’d love to have her a my roommate again. :)


Hey Rio! Your Lotlot and Miggy stories are really awesome! How about finishing the love story to be, eh? Thanks for the friendship. I never know until when we’ll be staying here, but I’m pretty sure we’ll still make more fun and maldita moments in this office. Hehe! I know you look like a grumpy person, but they should be reminded you’re a sweet and loving friend. Thanks for sharing 2013 with me. :)))


#09: Angelica Macasinag



A friend of a friend. She was Rio’s teammate when we started talking to each other. (As I told you, I don’t talk to anyone in here. Unless they approach me or ask me something.) What more can I say about this girl? Hmm.


Her life is always in “danger”. She knows what that means. We have the same passion – writing. We can always think of a plot for our stories and write them. (Well, when we have some time to do it.) We love books. we love literature.


Though there are times that we “clash”, we’re still friends until now. (Thank God.) She might have some annoying suitors that piss me too, but then, I can’t blame her. ^_^


What more can I say, Angel? Haha! You just came to my doorstep with your pink travelling bag, stayed with me for a few months.. and now, you’ve been on your own. I know it’s hard to be independent with all your “kaartehan”, but I can see that you can manage
yourself. Learn to listen. Our words don’t want to harm you. :))


#08: Maricar Hortillano




This girl reminds me of my dear childhood best friend who’s name is also Maricar. Hehe! I wonder where she is now, by the way.


Maricar H. is a classy girl. Sophisticated, I should say. She’s one of the kindest person I’ve met here in the office. (Well, those three girls are kind in their own ways.) I never thought that she’s gonna be close to me as we’re friends today. But here we are, friends. :)


I wish she’ll find her true love this 2014. Hmm. Somebody who’s name starts with J?? :))
#07: Albert Nuel Navarrete




Our supervisor. Our friend. Someone who wants to confirm certain secrets hidden between our conversations. Haha! He’s the reason why I knew the real of name of Mr. Jeepney. :)) Thanks to him. :)


He’s somebody who can rely on when it comes to work concerns.. but not on your secrets. haha! Just kidding sir! :)

#06: Xerlyn Joy L. Brinces


Anyeooong!!! haha! I’ll miss you girl! :))
Thanks for the friendship.
And for making funny statements about OH, Popoy, and our Dance Instructor in Pink. :))
I’ll wait for the invitation card for your wedding with CAP. :)


So yeah.. ENOUGH of the new people in my life. Time to thank those who never give up on my reckless and bitchy attitude. :)


#05: Ann Bangate Tomagan




#04: Llana Garcera a.k.a Mommy Yana





#03: Mark Lester Moises




(Nothing much to say about those three guys. Just one word: AWESOME!!!!!)


#02: Ryan Ferrer




I know how painful it is to be my ex-boyfriend, but he never left me. We have faults, and those faults made us understand that some things are worth fighting for. He might not be the best guy in my heart, he’s somebody worth the last chance. :)

#01: Luis Quiped Jr.



Why do I have to include somebody who broke my heart into pieces? Simple. I’m thankful that he did that. If he stayed with me, I won’t be able to realize how pathetic I am for the years that passed. I won’t value my friends who listened to my cries. I won’t realize that my life was wasted for pleasing him.


Honestly, I wish he won’t find happiness in his entire life. I want him to suffer more than I did. I want him to feel insulted. I want him to realize how wasted his life is. He’s a coward. He can’t face his problems right away. HE always escape to all the decisions he
has to make. He’s bad at THAT. (Y’all know that.) He can’t “stand” for long. (Here comes my naughty mind again!!!) Whatever! I REALLY LIKE TO CURSE HIM.


But.. since I’m a good person.. I wish him all the best. :)


I forgot one person.. or two. Haha!

Well, I can’t include all of them.


IMG_5035 IMG_5036

prinsipe. hahaha! :)) sorry. :)
He should be here. :))
my sisters.. well, almost sisters. :)
my sisters.. well, almost sisters. :)
the Maldita’s :)
taken during my sister’s 18th birthday. :)
with Jeff from Fanzy Notes.. Candy, Ate Jane and Enca. :)
“Christmas party” of the OWL team. :)




If I still forgot somebody, I’ll just update this post in time. Hehe! :))


Goodbye 2013..



..finally. :)





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