10 Signs that Your Relationship is Progressing

Guess we’re on our way to progress. But I’m not rushing into the relationship ’cause of the trauma that I still have. Still need time to think about everything.. and to make sure that I won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.


 ‘Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.’
– Antoine de Saint-Exupery

How would you measure the progress of your relationship with the significant other?

Some might view the level of understanding of each other’s personality. Some might view the efforts spent on each other as an indication. Perhaps a few others would consider the monetary value of the gifts from the guy as a form of measurement?

There are probably countless other ways.

Personally, I would think that its very important to always assess if the relationship is progressing… whether there’s a future together.

And I would measure the progress and depth of a relationship in the following ways:

1. There is mutual trust


Trust is arguably the key fundamental factor for the survival and growth of any relationship. However, building trust takes time and effort.

It is slowly…

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