Before I start the story, I would like to clarify that this is a friendly date. Nothing else. Thank you! :)

Weekends are the most waited days of my week, yet the most boring. I always end up curling in my bed for hours, reading books or eBooks, cook my food, eat, and sleep. As an outgoing person, I always want to go somewhere and enjoy my vacation. BUT, I don’t want to go alone.

Good thing my dear friend Emman Antipala joined me in my Manila adventure last Sunday. It’s not really my first time to visit Luneta Park a.k.a Rizal Park, yet it was my first time to visit the Children’s Park and the Chinese Garden.

Don’t have to say much.. Enjoy the photos! I’ll just add the captions along the way. :))


Photos are random. :(


Well, I’ll just say something about it. heheh! :)


As the marker said, this is the faucet where Jose Rizal used to drink when he was still in Europe. Thanks to those kind people who donated this to our country. :)
My photographer can capture those awful faces that I have! GRRRRR!! :)
Kinda blur, yet one of the best spots that I love at the Chinese Garden. In case you want to meditate or want to get closer to nature, you should visit here too.
Hall of wisdom.
Hall of wisdom – view from the back
waiting for something? Hahah! JK! Just looking at those kids and teens. :)
Look back! Hahaha! One of my favorite photos. ♥
another favorite photo.. at the entrance of Chinese Garden
He’s my dear friend, Emman A. We take turns in taking pictures but sometimes he hesitates. Hmm.. He shot lots of pictures of me. Hahaha! I’m glad his phone wasn’t ruined after each shot.
I can’t come closer to the horse. I was too afraid. Hehe! Though I want to ride at the Kalesa
Sitting pretty at the mouth of the crocodile? try this too! Haha! just kidding. :)
Hiding from the blinding sunlight. Haha! It was the giant turtle.. and a slide. :)
Emman assisting the kids as they enter the tunnel. Hahahah! Fun! Fun! Fun! :)
A swan at the sand? Rare kind, eh? Hahaha! I just wish this was a black swan. hahaha :)
our ONLY picture together. Haha! :) We spent almost 8 hours together and we have ONE photo together. Isn’t that nice? hahahaha! LOL!
Another great shot! Kudos, Emman! :)
Poor little goat. He forgot the way home. :)
I saw a twin here and they look so adorable. I hope I can have a twin who are so cte like them in the future. :)
He said he’ll be acting like a monkey there. But I think he camouflaged with the branches. Haha! Peace Emman! :)
The couples that I passed by we’re looking at me intently. Good thing they don’t know me. Hehe! #AwkwardMoment
The elephant with few water dropping from it’s trunks. :)
We call it our shady place. Out throne. I’m the dino queen! hahaha!
Another AWFUL photo.. yet I love the way I sit here. Hahaha! Reminds me that I can’t have it all.
Your king will sit at his throne like that? Hmm. Questionable. Haha!
Hashtag: #SomebodyHidingFromTheHeatOfTheSun
Want to ride at the dino? One more passenger and we’re good to go! ^_^
The perks of being tall. haha!
That little girl wants to join me as Emman takes the picture. But she didn’t made it before he pressed ‘capture’
Hello hippo! I’m so small, right? :)
He can easily reach the hippo’s mouth, but not me. :(
the Shoe house.. sneaking inside..
looking through my window. though it look like a prison cell for me.
another awful.. very awful shot. hahahah!
the multi-million flagpole that’s built in front of Rizal’s monument.
the flag wasn’t included in this photo. *sigh*
..and finally.. The MOA eye! It was my first time to ride in one of their 36 six-seater air-conditioned gondolas. I thought it was scary, but it’s not. Or I guess somebody holding my hand along the way removed all the tension. hahah!



I’ll be looking forward to my next travel destination with Emman! We planned to try riding other amusement rides at MOA before going somewhere else. I think it’s time to buy those MetroDeal vouchers. What yah think? Hahaha!




That’s all for now folks!








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