(where one started.. one had ended)

Looking at her that moment, she really don’t know what to do. she’s nervous but excited, afraid of going but still love to do so. In her eyes reflect a glimpse of hope and acceptance, and the assurance of a happy time. It should be a moment to treasure, she sighed. It should be the very first and the very best. It should be..


The very first time she saw him lies the tears in her eyes. At last, after six months of waiting, she had the chance to see him personally. That smile – the face she wants to look at very close, focused and unending. He was looking at her and she chills with butterflies in her stomach. She wants to stop the clock from turning and freeze everything while they’re together. He’s the one, definitelt the one who’s gonna spend the rest of her life with. He was the one who’s in her dreams and the one staying upon her heart. The one she wished to be totally her’s and her’s all alone.


This scenario already passed. The fantasy that turned into reality had come to an end after six consecutive hours of fun and anger. It was a dream come true for her, yet the nightmare of the consequence still haunted her. Two hearts starting to build their lives together, beating as one, and exist in coordination with each other. But still, a hindrance is between them. They have to be apart and be with somebody else. They’re living different lives with different worlds, and eventually, they have to be existing outside their premises. It was a very complicated situation. A very challenging situation which can prove that love conquers all.


As far as this moment is concerned, all is left to her are the memories of their moments. The noisy laughs that they’ve shared and the silence of their eyes. The badge which happened to be the silent witness of the little girl who longs for someone who was totally far from her. The hands starting to slip off – the picture of the little hope of being together but still never letting go.


Eventually, not all love stories started well could end at its best without suffering from a fire of problems and tests. Sometimes, things that are silent witnesses will always remind us that things could’ve been better if placed upon proper places and with the right person. What the badge pictures out is what she starts to feel – crazy holding on unto something that’s ain’t real.



Can somebody please remind me of the real story behind this article? haha! Just kidding. I submitted this to my Lit Class when I was in Second year college. I still wonder why my professor gave the highest grade for this piece. :)





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