Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

Write a post entirely in the present tense.


9:25 pm.


I’m still waiting for my edited comments to finish a campaign about abuse. Blog searching is really killing me, yet the insights that I’ve been receiving inspires me a lot.


I can relate to some of the stories. I was abused too, and I can understand the pain that they’ve suffered. As I work and comment on their blogs, I can feel the desperate need of having a support group. I want to know if I can keep in touch with these people and know more about their stories. I want to see how they cope up with their abusive partners, abusive families, and abusive friends.


Now is the time to stand up and let go of the past. As I’ve been telling in my comments, “Our abuser is a part of our past. He might be successful in removing the beauty of our childhood, but we still have today and tomorrow to improve. Stand up. Take heart. Make your world a better place by letting go of the pain of the past.”






17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Write Here, Write Now

  1. I love the quote and respect your thoughts. Abuse can last long after it is over. But it is our choice to live in the shadows of abuse, or chose to venture out, and change things for others :)
    Glad you are venturing out!


  2. What a beautiful and appreciative approach ! You know if we train our minds somehow to forget what was in past and live in the future, we’ll always stay happy :) And that’s the hardest part I know ! Felt sad to read what you had to go through. Have a great day !


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